• http://sethf.com/ Seth Finkelstein

    “Why not show related blog posts on these type of pages? Why is blog commentary on Google News relegated to that “Blogs” link in the left-hand column?”

    Because too many of the high-ranking blogs are written by ranting insane lunatics (or at least give that impression). Definitely not someting good for the “user experience”.

  • http://blogoscoped.com Philipp Lenssen

    > Another disappointment is that Google’s
    > not allowing those who comment to get
    > links back to their own sites.

    One comment I saw had a link pointing to the commenter’s homepage…

  • http://www.techmeme.com/ Gabe

    Danny, something else bothers me about this move.

    Google is now hosting original news content that is off limits to crawlers per robots.txt. (I checked.) So Google News wants YOU to make YOUR site’s news crawlable so it can aggregate it, but won’t permit the same for its own news content.

  • http://www.sig-link.com/ jaybong

    Public relations people just got a new daily task:

    The response from Mcdonalds 1 hour ago:

  • justindavy

    Google often launches something for a short time – puts it out there and then pulls it back.

    I’ll be curious to see how they attempt to keep people from comment spamming. Being part of a company that owns broadcast and newspapers, people are constantly trying to spam up our sites with links (even though they have a no follow tag just like google will) So how much cooler would it be to attempt Google spam and get their name out there on the largest search engine.

    Google says they won’t edit the comments. I wonder how they will decide if a comment is appropriate. Like I mentioned before if there is harsh language or someone tries to post a personal attack, how far is to far. They may not edit it but will they display it? What are their editorial quidelines.

    I don’t want to come off to negative because I can see positives for this as well but its plain to see here that Google is going more from being an “aggragator” of news to actively participating in it.

    I hope that Google’s doing this does make for a better user experience, they’ve sure been able to do some revolutionary things thus far.