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    Thanks again for wishing Google would do something else useful for the SEO community. Your wishes do seem to come true for all of us. :-)

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    Dude! DUDE! You cannot write must read posts like this on a Thursday night. I totally missed 10 good minutes of Grey’s Anatomy reading that post. Now, I’m lost – thanks alot… Seriously through, thanks. Wow, that’s a pop some champagne release for alot of SEOs.

  • eCopt

    Sweet, we have been waiting and waiting for more juicy tools that tell us more about what Google sees. Hopefully they take some of your other suggestions and keep adding to the mix.

    BTW, a little bird passed this along …


    Seems like a useful thing to have installed if the new information they ar eproviding isn’t quite enough.

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    Thanks for this post, especially the part on Microsoft. I looked at Google webmaster for one of my sites and the phrases identified as anchor text. I don’t think it was completely accurate. Some of the phrases were in pages linking to my site, but not in the anchor text.

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    Oh, can I add to the wish-list.. :)
    I’d like to be able to set what country I’m in in google webmaster. I’ve got US hosting ’cause they offer more for less $$$, but I’d like to target the UK…

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    Interesting it’s actually there…and you can find what keywords you’re ranking for. Those titles rank #1 for searchenegineland

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    Thanks for the information, I can see it on my Webmasters tool account, that is going to give us better ideas for our marketing campaigns.

  • http://dallas-seo.blogspot.com/ Kimber Cook

    hi danny, i hadn’t noticed this until today. i agree that it is somewhat more useful, but could definately be improved upon as well. i’m actually not all that psyched about it yet. i want to know the who what where of these links and anchor text!

    one question for you though…how do you know that these are the “top” or “most popular” listed in that order? i didn’t read it exactly like that in the announcement and was wondering if it’s speculation, or if you have verified that they are showing the link anchor text in order of the most common or “popular” on down?

  • http://searchengineland.com Danny Sullivan

    Yes, they told me anchor text phrases are listed in the most popular order.

  • http://dallas-seo.blogspot.com Mark Barrera

    When you say that you were told that they are listed in the “most popular order” – what exactly do you mean?

    Are these the most frequent or the terms that carry the most weight in Google’s eyes?

    I may have only one link from a PR8 site that has anchor text that is not on other sites. So would this be ranked highest since it probably has the most link authority or would it rank anchor text that occurs more often (maybe on multiple low quality sites)?

  • http://sebastianx.blogspot.com/2007/03/googles-anchor-text-reports-encourage.html Sebastian

    The report is ordered by commonness, that means that links from scraper sites and indexed search results are your most important inbound links. Wait … maybe the top-10 anchor text phrases don’t represent the most important links ;)

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    It is very important to have different anchor text link back to your website. If you use same anchor text to link back to your website then it will not help much in search engine ranking. I come to this point because Google now use LSI technique for ranking a website. Before Google using this technology for Adsense and it is clearly mentioned that if you repeat same key word through out content of website then your ranking will be affect negatively, so try to use different keyword phrase in your content and this is applied same to the anchor text.

    Correct me if am i wrong.

    Seo Consultant

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