• http://www.bradforster.org Brad

    I disagree. There is no correlation between correct spelling and page rank attribution. Low quality sites that are assigned low page ranks generally maintain a lower quality of editorial practices and therefore by extension display a higher occurrence of misspelt words.

  • alanjgrainger

    Given the shocking standards of spelling and grammar on Google Chrome’s spell check, plus the complete inability of any current spell check to recognise English (UK) spelling, I would hope that they leave this particular brain wave on the back burner for a while….

  • http://cedarlark.wordpress.com/ Trish Anderson

    Isn’t the issue of spelling & grammar a no-brainer? Write for humans first, search engines second and you’ll probably get it right for both.

  • Matt McGee

    Trish, I don’t think it’s necessarily about writing for humans vs. search engines. There are just a lot of people who aren’t good spellers and don’t know the rules of grammar. They may be writing for humans, but their copy is filled with mistakes that reflect poorly on their writing or editing ability.

  • http://virtual-kidspace.blogspot.com/ yashika

    i disagree