• http://www.pualingo.com/ Casual

    I hope this is permanent, this is the best change I’ve seen to WMT in a long time.

  • http://www.grassroots.uk.com Julieyeardye

    This is a really interesting update. Although we always knew the success rates were in the top one or two SERP positions, even at position 3 we can see a huge drop in clickthrough rates. This is great info too, to see those results that are at the top but may not have the clickthroughs you expect to come from that, so we can focus on the user experience right at this level.
    It’s good to walk clients through this as well.

  • http://www.traphic.co.uk/ Traphic

    We have it here in the UK too. Any ideas yet on how precide the info is?

  • http://www.cars.com BonnieWebLass

    A cool way to use this: Look at a query that normally leads to your homepage, like your brand name. Drill down to the landing pages (other than the homepage) and see if any are given a seemingly mathematically impossible 100% click-thru rate. Are those pages coincidentally the past and present Sitelinks? I don’t think I’d be revealing proprietary info to reveal that in our Google account, they sure ARE the Sitelinks. My manager Jeremiah Wilson suggested that they call it 100% due to the inability to know when each Sitelink was in effect and cannot count “impressions.” They perhaps just count it when someone clicks.

    I’ve been somewhat tracking Sitelinks by looking for “wrong landing pages” for homepage keywords but that only covers it once the user gets there. This tool can help complete the path.

  • http://www.jaankanellis.com incrediblehelp

    People before you start high-5ing Google for this change. How accurate do you think the data is?


    We all know that the ranking data that has been in there for years hasn’t been to close real. We also know that Google keyword tool data is not accurate at all either.

  • http://www.seobloom.com davide corradi

    wonder why I get almost everywhere better Impression and CTR when a keyword is ranking 2nd or lower than 1st…

  • http://www.magazineline.com mbrighton

    Thanks for this post Matt. I had run accross this in my tools but was uncertain what it was reporting on. I like the info and can’t wait to build some history.

    I’ve also gotta check out your U2 site as I’ll be attending the 360 tour in June!
    Long live Edge!

  • http://markpappas markpappas

    have been testing this for the past week or so. So far it has been HIGHLY inaccurate for my brands.

    Comparing organic clicks for brand names which we hold #1 for in Google I see a difference of several thousand between GA and webmaster tools. I know that webmaster tools filters out robot visits but the data is still way off. Additionally we are seeing click through rates much higher when keywords are in lower positions. Hopefully this tool improves as these insights would be great.

    oh and @davide corradi the data is showing you click throughs by position – so your keyword could have been at a lower position longer – which would lead to more clicks then if it was a few spots higher for only a day or 2