• http://www.searchmarketingcommunications.com Tim Cohn

    Still getting purple over here…

  • http://www.dansoschin.com Dan Soschin

    Would it possibly have something to do with the psychology of colors and through testing they have found people click on more advertisements when the background is one color versus another? Google’s goal is to get you to click ads, so as long as they hold true to their self-designated obligation of differentiating between ads and organic results, what they do beyond that to entice you to click could be optimized. So maybe color plays a role in this…

  • http://blogpestcontrol.com Thomas Ballantyne

    Still not seeing the Yellow background when I search. Very surprised that they are switching it back.

  • PPCSwede

    Aesthetically it’s not as nice looking, but that’s probably the point. They want something that stands out, and color makes a big difference apparently. I’m more surprised by the move to extend the head titles to include description line 1. All about the “user experience” right?

  • http://www.samuelbalsama.com Samuel Balsama

    You don’t think their advertisers are the only ones running A/B testing, do you? :)

  • Amardeep Singh

    I have checked twice, but it is still showing purple……

  • http://www.buyingcheap.co.uk Gareth O’ Neill

    The yellow background does allow the paid links to stand out better and it must have worked better CTR and revenue wise.

  • http://www.mylocalis.com bigdaddyseo

    it’s crazy over here… ie is showing purple and firefox is showing the new yellow version.

  • Gautam Tandon

    I personally think that yellow was a bad choice… it’s not soothing to eyes if you are looking at lot of stats for long periods…