• http://www.sefati.net asefati

    :( I liked the older simpler version better. Every time I login I click on “classic version” o

  • whathits

    :( I agree, i’m going to miss the old version, does anyone know if there is a “Don’t show ideas for new keywords. I only want to see data about the keywords I entered.” option in the new tool?

  • anthonyvansacabin

    I think let as just give Google the liberty of making some improvement and modifications with there system. I always trusted them so i think this will work out just fine.

  • http://dineshthakursem.blogspot.com Dinesh Thakur

    Thanks a lot Barry, I check the new keyword tool in your given link. I like the the Advanced option with more filtered results.

  • http://canurl.com/qYUbwL rmpoc

    I’ve used google keyword tool last month but it was already changed. I’m kind of exploring it but I’m still missing the old version. Hope the new one is easy to use too like the old version.

  • samuliakin

    Has anyone noticed if the results themselves have changed since this update. I did some local exact searches last week for various keywords which gave me noticeably higher results than when I did the same search today.

    Anyone else seeing this?