• A-D-W-O-R-D-S
  • http://www.facebook.com/tienvnguyen Tien V Nguyen

    Good riddance to possibly the worst ad campaign in history.

  • StevenLockey

    Would have worked better if they didn’t do everything (and in many cases far worse) than Google did, everything they accused Google of, they do themselves so they just made themselves look stupid really.

  • FrankReed

    It’s wishful thinking that the general public is more well informed and are thus making more decisions for Bing. Bing’s best shot is to concentrate on a better product, stay away from the carnival side show like ads (the Bing It On comparison spots) and continue to integrate Facebook as much as it is allowed since now FB is trying to be its own search engine.

    Bing’s constant noise only makes the point more clearly that they are a distant second. What will happen if Yahoo! starts to advertise search as a separate product at the urging of M. Mayer? Not saying it will but what if? It will then be revealed to the ‘general public’ that some 40% of that market share ‘Bing has from Google’ comes from a company that hasn’t advertised itself as a search engine in quite some time.

    Put the nose to the grindstone and make a better product in niche areas that will get people’s attention. Then the rest might follow. Until then it seems like whining rather than competing.