• http://www.seo-theory.com/ Michael Martinez

    Compete’s traffic estimates for most websites are wildly inaccurate in my experience. I’m not sure there is any real validity to the estimates. Which is not to say I am defending Google. I’m just saying I don’t trust Compete.

  • ToppleTrack

    These stats are waaaaay off. We work in the exact same space (http://www.google.com/transparencyreport/removals/copyright/reporters/?r=last-month) and actually monitor the rankings of sites that have a record of infringing notices. Since that announcement rankings for any/all sites that are infringing have dropped drastically. Google has made incredible strides in this arena and continues to develop their reporting platform and removal processes.

  • kennova

    What a useless study.. 82% of a small number is still a small number. In addition, the group that is defining “infringing content” is the same group that can’t tell the difference between infringing content and content they uploaded in their own lawsuits. (Viacomm v. YouTube). To categorize the queries as not seeking infringement is incredibly difficult to do. This whole study has a huge margin of error based on wildly subjective definitions of “Infringing content”, “Fair Use” and “Seeking infringing content”

  • http://www.govsource.com.au/ GovSource

    So true!!

  • Matt McGee

    If you have some data you can share, I’d love to see it. Contact us — http://searchengineland.com/contact


  • http://www.rimmkaufman.com/ George Michie

    The fact that Google drives ~ 80% of all search makes the fact that they drive ~80% of pirate search somewhat less surprising to me.

  • phr3ak

    I agree, Compete is very inaccurate. They use to be a good source, but for over a year or more they’ve been completely unreliable… Alexa is more reliable.

  • phr3ak

    Yeah I would say the stats are way off… perhaps even fabricated by the MPAA to con Google into taking action. Hollywood needs to find new ways to engage users to stream/buy their works at a more affordable rate, Netflix is a start but does not have lot of the good stuff. The rich people are just greedy, and if they censor the web like they plan, well they will be even less rich cause people wont just buy a BluRay or DVD without seeing/listening to it 1st (in most cases).

    Might I add in most cases, when a movie is released after the 1st week they’ve grossed double the production value of the movie. That does not include all other sales that follow… Greedy, Greedy, Greedy… and they wonder why people pirate their stuff. 90% of people cannot afford to buy every movie they want to watch, otherwise everyone would be working just for their movie collection and economy would certainly crash.

  • ToppleTrack

    Would love to, be in touch tomorrow!

  • http://www.dpom.co.uk/ Brett Dixon

    I’d imagine 82% of any search pretty much comes from Google – hardly Googles fault. What a pointless statistic.

    What’s next:

    82% of searches for twerking come from Google – Google not Miley Cyrus responsible for Twerking Phenomenon…Damn you Google.