• http://www.ryanmjones.com Ryan Jones

    My Google voice # is the one I usually give out to everybody (it’s on my webpage) but the last few TV / Radio interviews I’ve done I had to call them back on my real # because the Google voice quality was so bad they couldn’t use it on air. Granted, It could be AT&T’s lack of coverage in Detroit (I do have an iPhone) but it got DID get better when I called using my regular number.

    (yes I know one should never do Radio/TV on a cell phone, but sometimes you just can’t get to a landline)

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/looksmart/ zxspectrum

    And the Carriers/ Hardware Manufacturers are Android biggest supporters…how funny. Eventually, Google will have one phone(G5) and their own dark fiber VOIP network!


  • http://www.reidspice.com reidspice

    I’ve been considering this move as I’m leaning towards dumping my AT&T contract early for the Verizon iPhone anyway so seems like the timing is good for breaking my contract via porting. However, one of the benefits I was envisioning was not signing up for a text messaging plan on Verizon and just handling all text messages through GV + push notifications on the iPhone. Is this not possible? Does it still need to use the back-end SMS system for your carrier somehow? Saving $120/year would make this even more compelling..

  • Michael Olsen

    Yes you can use google voice for texting and not pay for texting. Also there is a setting in Google Voice to toggle on or off text forwarding. Mine is turned off so I never get ‘double texts.

  • http://about.me/pollyjones Polly Jones

    I have been using Google voice for about 8 months, and I never get double texts on Android. Google texts only go through Google, and never show in my phone texts. I love Voice, and use it daily, as my business # is through there. Never have problems will call quality either, and it does take a couple of seconds for it to load when I make a call, but it is not annoying by any means. If I had not had my mobile # for the last 10 years, I would consider porting it., but I like using the Google for business, and my personal # for friends and family.

  • http://teltub.com/ghome farid.fadaie

    Porting my num to GV from AT&T took 3 hours of holding. It’s tricky to have them not charge you early termination fees. My experience: http://blog.teltub.com/2011/01/home-phone-and-cell-phone-with-one.html

  • http://www.tenorpartners.com Matthew Stotts

    Danny thanks for the public service you continue to provide with these thorough reviews – i have both Chrome laptop and Nexus One and am eager to get iPhone on Verizon knowing that I’ll be able to use google voice, but wait….?

    ” (indeed, with Verizon, a call would block any data signal at all).”

    Do you mean to tell me you can’t use data while on a phone call if you’re with Verizon? Is this a CDMA v. GSM issue? Carrier issue?

  • phxees

    It seems like Google has somewhat conveniently left out that once you do this you can’t undo this, as far as I can tell. So, if you ever decide that this isn’t for you or another company comes up with a similar offering you may be stuck until Google gets around to enabling porting numbers back out.

    While I am not positive this is the case, I do know that Google said that people won’t be able to take their Google Voice number with them in the past.

    Just a word of warning.

  • Tom Nagle

    I’ve had a Grand Central/Google Voice number for years, and I currently have been using Google Voice on the original Motorola Droid for past year (in Delaware). Google Voice is a great service, with a lot of great attributes.

    I do give the number out as my main personal number all the time; if someone (or business) abuses the number, I block them. It’s also nice having a reliable record (that’s searchable) of every text and voicemail I get.

    My main gripes with Google Voice, however, are:

    1) outbound call quality. Echoing the comments of someone above, I’ve had to call back on my regular Verizon number many times because I couldn’t be understood due to bad call quality. As soon as I called back, it was fine. Sometimes using a headset helped (the Droid was suspect), but the quality was still bad through GV. The call quality wasn’t poor, 100% of the time, but it was bad enough that I make most calls with my Verizon number.

    2) You can send or receive images with the texting part of GV. I’m sure this will become a feature soon enough though.

  • http://www.techdirt.com/ Mike Masnick

    Danny, good review. I’ve had intermittent issues with Google Voice outbound quality (usually in the form of lag), but that has been happening less and less.

    However, I *think* you got one thing wrong in the review. When you talk about the double texting issue, you mention that it can make you accidentally reply from the “native” phone number, but I don’t believe that’s the case. I’m pretty sure that the way Google Voice works is that there’s a “middleman” phone number that is used, and if you text back whoever sent you a text from your native texting app in Android, it actually goes through that middleman number, which makes it *look* like the text came from your GV number.

    I know that even with Google Voice, when I receive texts, I frequently use the native SMS app and I’m almost positive that the replies appear to still come from my GV app.

  • http://BriefEpisode.com Gib Episode

    Danny, the double texting issue is another problem from your settings. This time though, it’s the default. Just go to your Google Voice settings on the web and make sure it doesn’t send a copy to your phone.

    As for call quality, I agree with the other commenter. Google Voice sometimes is crystal clear, and sometimes it’s completely unusable. Part of this is, I think, dependent on your bandwidth usage (I download stuff on my home WiFi and the call quality goes down). Part of it is just Google Voice not being consistent for VOIP — I’ve seen this on the computer and on the phone.

    The bummer for the bad consistency for call quality is that some people will still get your mobile phone’s native number rather than Google Voice and this can be very confusing for them and for you when they just call the last number they have and your phone is off and you don’t see the call on GVoice on your laptop.

    It’s also bad when you have Do Not Disturb enabled and someone calls your mobile’s native number — those calls go through, and with Murphy’s law, it means a baby is asleep or you’re in a meeting or church or a film.

    Google Voice really rocks but there are a few bumps.

  • http://daggle.com/ Danny Sullivan

    Thanks, everyone, for your comments and sharing your own experiences. Especially appreciate the info on changing text settings — will fix that!

  • Michael Burton

    The biggest thing holding me back is that Google Voice silently drops MMS messages. I don’t even really care all THAT much about getting images and contacts when they get to me. I can live without them if I need to for awhile. But it bothers me that the sender has no idea that I didn’t receive their message. I’ve seen it happen, it’s confusing, and I don’t want it to happen to me.

  • Monika Adach

    Hello! I recently received a work phone through Verizon (iphone). I decided it would be best to port my older personal number that was through Tmobile over to Google voice so I could use this number in the future off my business phone. I paid for the number porting service through google wallet over a month ago and although according to the google website this process should take 24hrs the status still shows in progress. I have sent multiple emails to google with no response and they do not have a live phone number. I checked with both of my carriers (tmobile as well as verizon) and neither show a port request and there is no holdups on their part. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!