• http://searchmarketingcommunications.com Tim Cohn

    I have the Opportunities tab in all of my accounts and the keyword tool but no Beta.

  • http://misc.info Misc.info

    Since some people don’t have access to this tool directly from your AdWords account, you can access it by using the following URL:


    But, you must replace the ACCOUNT & CAMPAIGN with the actual numbers for your URL in AdWords.

    To get this just login to adwords and click any of your capaigns. Then you will see the URL will have u=(some number) and c=(somenumber). u being your account number and c being your campaing number.

    Paste those numbers into the above and you will have access to the tool.


  • http://www.osbornebrook.co.uk osbro

    Isn’t that tool pretty similar to Google’s search based Keyword Tool? Are there really any extra benefits in using that new tool which is still in Beta?

  • Sharon Davis

    Keywords are the blood of search marketing (PPC and SEO), the more keyword tool out there the better.

    Wordstream.com just came out with its version of free keyword tool.

    And I just stumbled to another interesting keyword tool, ispionage.com.

    The cool thing about ispionage keyword tool is that you can gather your keywords into a bag, clean them up and start grouping them, all in a single workflow. A real time saver.

    BTW, I’m a tool junkie :)

    Thanks for sharing the info Barry,