• Harry Clark

    I think the LT (Text) factor could be a little misleading here. SEO’s and webmasters now need to ensure they diversify their anchor text backlinks and also ensure they do not overuse keyword “money terms”.

    Obviously we know this as search marketing professionals, but if a business owner who has no knowledge of SEO were to read this, they may assume they should build links for the terms they want to rank for which means they run the risk of being hit by penguin.

    That being said, I don’t want this post to be too negative. I love the periodic table of SEO and always refer to it when explaining SEO to clients, apprentices, interns etc :)

  • Kamal Kumawat

    Still the importance of links can not be ignored and sounds interest “weight of personal search history increased from” in the new Periodic Table Of SEO.

  • Amithings

    WOW, very interesting, a non-chemical periodic table, in this way we can create periodic tables for many purposes.

    I will try to explore this approach in Amithings project.

  • Abdul Wahab

    Importance of links can never be ignored by any search engine. Because links help the Search algos to prioritize rankings. Any webmaster can improve On-Page factors but its link-building which costs them more. so some avoid to invest time and money on quality in link building…

    so its not gonna ignore

  • http://www.richamorindonesia.com/ Rich Amor Indonesia

    Ads on the links should be my major factor on my links profile. As I remove many of them, voila.. my particular post appear in page #3 after long weeks of the post.

    Your periodic table of seo success factors is very helpful to define the linking building should be made. Thank you. I should deep down to your referred links.

  • http://harrybhanot.com/get-money-video/ Harry Bhanot

    Pretty nice post.. but in the end just good original content will work for long. Don’t try to build backlinks but instead let other find your post to link back. If one try to over use linkbuilding then that blog will not get that much of ranking.

    I like this post but it’s made too comlicated and scary for any new blogger. Images are scary man. You may love that formula type maths but I am scared of it. Did not read this post to the fullest because it was annoying me..

  • Lee Keadle

    Just when I thought SEO couldn’t get any dorkier, I find a periodic table designed specifically for it! This is a great visual for something that’s so abstract – so it’s very helpful. For newer site owners, I would add that paid links (Vp in the table) are
    different than paid ads which also provide links to your site. Paying for Google Adwords, for example, is believed to help with link building and general SEO.

  • Durant Imboden

    Google AdWords (unlike text links) don’t pass PageRank, and while they can boost traffic simply by being ads that people see and click on, they aren’t link-building or SEO tools.

  • http://www.spinxwebdesign.com/ Alan Smith

    I prefer to Unique and high quality content and Social signals.

  • Paresh Shrimali

    Need to consider all factor for getting top in organic search results. If people are consider few ranking factor then they will never get success to getting in top.

  • Jeroen den Ridder

    Thanks for structuring my macro thoughts on SEO. Nice and a good guide for search engine visibility and ranking. My generall advice is always “create good original content”, a good startingpoint for all clients. It’s impossible to define all micro SEO factors, that’s everyone’s estimate and besides that ever changing.

  • Glenn Comanda

    Thanks for putting all these up together. It’s a nice reminder to be holistic to approaching SEO factors.

  • Patrick De Wachter

    I’m missing the duplicate content factor. We publish our content (women targeted quality content) also to some newssites and we seem to get penalizied by Google because those newssites have a higher credibility than we (but we are the source of the content).
    Or have you put that kind of factors somewhere in the table I didn’t noticed yet?

  • Nebosh Course in UAE

    Hey thanks for providing us the great collection of the Blog list, its really very useful.. thanks.

  • http://billyelusiv.com/ Ben Smith

    Very clever concept to show a complicated topic in a simple way. It shows that SEO work is either harder now because of all the factors involved, or it is easier because if you create quality content that is helpful, educational, informative, then you will nail most of the factors as a by product. I know which way I prefer to see it.

  • emarketing .

    SEO is all about brand visibility and building of inbound links. Although, the structure of SEO will change but link building cannot be ignored.