• http://blag.rishab.net Rishab Aiyer Ghosh

    Hi Greg,

    While OneRiot, Crowdeye and Collecta have stopped their search operations, Topsy has not, as you suggested, had to “shift because of Google and Bing’s “appropriation” of real-time search.” The internet is full of dead or dying web search engines, but nobody says there’s no opportunity in web search, when done right. We believe it’s the same for real-time / social search. Topsy had a very different approach from day one – we built completely new technology, and operate our own servers. Topsy has a bigger searchable index of Twitter content than Google, Bing or Twitter Search. Also unlike Twitter, Bing or Google, which show streams of updates, Topsy shows real-time results ranked by relevance.

    As a result, we’re now serving half a billion queries a month (mostly over our API).

    more info on our tech: http://corp.topsy.com/2010/09/09/four-demons-of-search-part-1/

    Rishab Ghosh
    Topsy Labs, Inc

  • cyhex

    There is a newcomer worth taking a look at , Streamcrab.com.
    The deference between streamcrab and the rest of so called realtime search engines is that it actually delivers the results in real time and it is not a a bunch of Twitter posts.
    Perhaps it is also worth to mention that it is capable of searching and indexing real time results from Facebook, Dig, News and Blogs.