• http://www.adamdince.com/ Adam Dince

    Hi Warren,

    Great post! I’ve been in this industry for a long time and SEO has never been sexy. Though, over the past 3-4 years, it has been much more of an integrated part of site and content build. While there will be new bright and shiny objects for agencies to sell clients on, SEO (at least for the next few years) will continue to be a reliable traffic and revenue driver. Love that you are such an advocate for SEO, when so many people seem to be running from it. My mantra has been, if you’re leaving SEO for greener pastures, I’ll be happy to take your clients :).


  • http://www.rimmkaufman.com/ George Michie

    Great post, Warren. Search hasn’t been sexy in ecommerce for a long time. Since it is a ‘mature’ industry relative to some, many seem to view it as a solved problem. As we pick up clients from other agencies and from in-house teams it is very clear how far that assumption is from the truth. Yet, companies get complacent figuring that “we’ve been ‘doing’ search marketing for a long time, so we must have figured it out.” Often not the case, particularly as the search game continues to change and evolve.

  • Mike Gullaksen

    Good post and I agree with George below. Pat C. at WSI actually is quite a fan of SEO. I learned that first hand
    years ago when sitting monthly in a board room with him discussing how
    we integrate SEO and Paid Search. Maybe the C level folks just assume
    it is part or at the center of their digital marketing efforts. Or that
    is the story they are being told. Those working on enterprise
    customers know that this is not always the case given most enterprise
    organizations are very siloed and each owner has different kpi’s, goals or even agenda’s unfortunately.

  • http://bit.ly/AlishaTruemper Alisha Truemper

    Do you think most of this has to do with the expansion of “Not Provided?”
    I would think eCommerce would truly appreciate Organic Search Marketers for their ability perform and prove return on efforts without being taxed for each click. Plus, they could use Co-optimization to optimize spend and reduce cannibalization.

  • http://www.realpersonmarketing.com Matt Benson

    SEO is no longer “sexy” because the risk/reward ratio is now out of balance due to all the changes and restrictions Google has implemented over the last 2+ years.