• Duane Forrester

    Hot Damn, Eric! Excellent article on a timely topic! Love the open thinking around what this could mean, too. Great ideas posed for consideration – nice work!

    Hopefully some of this will allow us (SEOs) to start cleaning up the garbage on many websites by placing a stake in the ground around what is valuable and what it not. Right or wrong on actual decisions around this point doesn’t matter as much as engaging in the philosophical change that needs to happen here.

    Some of these things are dead obvious (but worth restating), though dollars to donuts most haven’t given much thought to managing the passing of value through links beyond the lowly .

    Hopefully this sort of discussion will get folks thinking in the right direction:
    User experience and their actions matters more than ever. You can actively manage this side of your web business or watch the engines take note and drop your rankings if the signals aren’t there…

    *grabs popcorn and waits for the spammers to start exploiting the ideas around image links*

  • http://www.visualscript.co.uk Badams

    What a load of bollocks.

    “The question is, how does this affect the way that you look at SEO?” – it shouldn’t, as it’s a patent filed in 2004, and everything in the patent has either already been in widespread use in Google for 6 years, or is no longer applicable.

    You want to read a proper shakedown of this ‘reasonable surfer’ patent, here’s Dave’s most excellent evisceration of it:

  • http://www.cmsbuffet.com/ CMSBuffet

    SEO professionals must remember that we need to improve our clients ROI. every link and every UI (user interface) tweak must server this purpose. we should emphasize links if we want the web visitors to click them.

  • http://www.tcampbell.net T Campbell

    An interesting, well-written common-sense piece. Hopefully it will lead to SEO and UI coming into greater harmony.

    But what’s with the patent? Surely that doesn’t mean Bing won’t be ALLOWED to ignore 1-pixel-image links, will it?