• http://sarugu.com/ Albert

    Thanks for sharing Ginny Marvin. Now they went to Gmail with @ on it.
    Checkout my detailed analysis here: http://goo.gl/MdR7k8

    They even have support for Yahoo Mail, Skype and many more. OMG Spammers coming in Ads also. :(

  • maxi

    Very interesting…and I laffd out loud at ur last statement…but I don’t u tink Googles knows about this?

  • http://www.eplatformmarketing.com/ James Hobson

    I’ve noticed similar tactics around automotive brands in Adwords. The bots don’t catch titles with tBMW and such. I believe “Blackhat PPC” would be afitting term.

  • http://www.LeadDiscovery.com/ Jerry Nordstrom

    Google has allowed this type of behavior since the inception of adwords.
    The latest round of ads are particularly aggressive and straight up obnoxious so I imagine the big G will actually turn their attention on them and wipe them away like a two cent pop under ad. Ginny – Are they now selling your phone number to other companies?

  • http://www.tweedsolutions.com/ Tweed Solutions

    Yes, I’ve been noticing similar tactics playing out too.


  • daveintheuk

    If a newspaper or magazine repeatedly published scam adverts like these and made money from them there would be uproar…. why does Google get away with it simply because they’ve chosen a business model where doing the right thing and carrying out due diligence “doesn’t scale”?

    Regulators need to start imposing sanctions, and companies affected need to start taking legal action.

  • Aaron Levy

    This really isn’t anything new, just funny that people are getting away with it for BIG brands. In the past, “a few friends” who “someone” used to work with at “a place” used to sneak by like this:

    Phase 1: Google Cyrillic alphabet.
    Phase 2: Find easily replaceable letters that look the same in both (a, m, h, o are all good examples).
    Phase 3: Type the same word with the Cyrillic letter in place.
    Phase 4: Show trademarked ads. Profit!

  • Ginny Marvin

    So far I haven’t had any evidence they’ve sold my number, but time will tell…

  • Ginny Marvin

    So far I haven’t had any evidence they’ve sold my number, but time will tell…

  • LukeAlley

    Awesome digging Ginny!

    I looked at several of the landing pages and there are similar characteristics to many of them; privacy policy, phone numbers, disclaimers, and layout all looked the same. Points to the fact that it’s one company/person doing all this??

  • http://www.ismoip.com/ vikas lov

    yes, Google know about then very well.

  • http://www.ismoip.com/ vikas lov

    yes, Google know about then very well.

  • Matt Van Wagner

    By the way, in case anyone is curious to try these things, DON’T!

    These are totally black hat tactics and may to lead to banned acccounts and even more severly, banned PPC person / agency. You should be aware that your IP address is logged whenever you log in to manage (or mismanage) an account and for severe cases of black hat, Google has every right to look at the evidence trail and make you regret doing something so stupid.

    It may be that there are some previously blocked practices that are getting through as Google rewrites AdWords backend, but don’t expect that to last, and don’t expect them to let you slide if you try to cheat the system.

  • beulah752

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  • http://lukemoulton.com/ Luke Moulton

    It’s a problem for most software vendors in Australia, but even worse, it’s the customer who ends up getting ripped off. I’ve been arguing with the AdWords team about this issue for a couple of months now.