• http://www.linkedin.com/in/robertnpratt Rob Pratt

    I agree with you that it’s not as slickly integrated, nor as full-featured as what Apple has created. That being said, I just tried Siri after reading your article and it is working (just pulled weather). I think what you might have experienced was an update to their web servers possibly. I’m seeing the same replacement message, with the question of how it can help. It’ll be interesting to see if the current / replaced Siri app will continue to be available to those who already have installed it.

  • Michelle Robbins

    I love Siri. Have used it for quite a long time now. It’s still working for me on my iPhone 4. I just used it, with voice, to find gas, tacos, shoes and directions to the airport :) I did see the same message TechCrunch reports about October 15th, but the app is still humming along quite nicely for me. I will be very, very sad if on October 15th, I can no longer use Siri on my 4. My assumption is that the 4 will still support it, while earlier iPhone generations will not. Will have to wait and see.

  • http://ThoughtsCubed.com Greg J Powers

    That really sucks that Siri cuts off all the previous version user of the product.

  • Jon Sacks

    I have had Siri on my iPhone 3GS for over 18 months and I have been (admittedly) an infrequent user. I tried to use it today (this morning and this afternoon) and only got the “Retrieval Failed” error. I was not able to use it at all. That is disappointing. That being said, I’ve resigned myself to getting a 4S because my 3GS simply doesn’t work any more.