Marshall Simmonds

Marshall Simmonds is the founder and CEO of Define Media Group, the enterprise audience development and search marketing company. He consults with top brands worldwide and is a leader in digital marketing and search. Marshall was responsible for building into the most successful content network on the Internet and from 2005-2010 he was the Chief Search Strategist for the New York Times Company.


Why You Need To Get To Failure As Quickly As Possible

The cliché Failure is not an option, in my opinion, is misguided, and unless on the back of some high school wrestler’s shirt, is annoying. Sure, failure isn’t an option if you’re piloting a 777 on final approach or are Ed Harris. Failure can mean certain defeat; I’m certainly not implying there’s not an end-point in some […]


Why So Many Companies Fail At Enterprise SEO

A well-defined brand no longer guarantees search placement. It is only through enterprise-level cultural changes, informed by a close monitoring of search evolution, that sustained SEO success can occur. Yes, brands are still a very strong signal when it comes to ranking, however, recent advancements like “authorship rank” and Search Plus Your World have hyper-focused […]

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