• Michele

    Great article! Any suggestions on what to do with converting keywords that are labeled as “low search volume” once added from the search terms report? I get this quite a bit.

  • http://www.davidnrothwell.com/ David Rothwell

    If they’re long tail, try trimming them down a bit and removing “stop” words from them. I think anything over a wordcount of 4 is likely low volume.

    I’m intrigued you see this, because when you add SQ terms they go in by default as broad match from the online interface, unless you are changing their match type before adding them (can be done one by one manually online, or in bulk via download and AdWords Editor).

    Usually broad match is delinquent and should be avoided.

    So low search vol with broad match…? Interesting …

  • Michele

    Both adding as broad and changing from broad to phrase and/or exact has resulted in “Low Search Volume”. Just for the sake of this discussion, I added from the SQ terms report, “where can i find roof inspector in orlando fl 32811” as broad and got a low search volume status. I then shortened it down to “roof inspector orlando” and still the status remains low search volume as broad match. So the question becomes, do you leave them in the account as low search volume or pause even though it resulted in a conversion?

  • Ronnie’s Mustache

    “roof inspector” & target your service area.

    I’d also run broad match: roof inspector orlando to see what show up in the MSQ’s and Search Term Details.