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    Great article, I have been saying this for years. I think you bring up an interesting point about articles within your own site. I do not think a lot of people think about their own website as an article marketing machine. Also, writing articles for other good traffic websites is truly what article marketing is about. For example, I locate many relevant websites in my industry and see if they would like a article or guest post done just for their website.

    I find about 10 or twenty of these websites and send off an email or socially ask them. Most reply back with a yes. Then I get to work writing. It’s easy for me cause it’s related to my industry. Once I’m done I send the article. I find this is the best way, because all of the content is fresh and there is no duplicate content either. plus I get to expose myself as an expert in my industry to a new crowd. So in effect, this can be 20 back-links from high traffic, in Google’s good graces websites. This brings traffic and higher Serps.

    I have found these sites can be located best with a tool like Linkbuzz or possibly Eric Wards Link Insight. One can also do a keyword search on the engines.

    Very nicely done article. I am glad to see someone saying article marketing is not dead it’s just not directories but other high quality websites.

  • Matt Saunders

    A great read but there is only one step, unless I am missing something!

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    I’m curious about what “ethical questions” you have about hiring freelance writers. I’ve been trying to think of ethical implications, and can’t come up with anything. Why is this an issue?

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    Hi Matt

    I’ll pick up from Step 1 in the next article and outline the steps that we take to market articles to quality, related websites and blogs

  • http://www.evisionsem.com/ George Aspland

    Hi Joanna

    I think many consider it unethical to have freelancers write articles for you and then show yourself as the author (Ghost writers). This can definitely be an issue in the next step when we outline the steps we take to market articles to quality, related websites and blogs

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