• Todd Chambers

    I like the idea of Structuring AdGroups by match type but with larger accounts having such a granular approach would cost me more in time than it’s worth.

  • http://chileconmigo.wordpress.com/ O.P.

    AdGroups by match type is a really performing structure for sure.
    But Todd is right too.. It can be really time consuming & it makes your campaign a lot busier

  • http://www.leadinglobal.com Al U

    Todd, O.P.,
    Account sprawl is a really common problem here as well; I usually wind up doing a strategic purge for keyword ROI. Only once everything is cleared out are we into expansion mode. Most accounts I look at are like a giant fur-ball due to a lot of great intentions & ideas!

    The –key– is negative keywords though, which is why I liked this article David – thanks.
    A large set of negatives is the leverage point re: getting things running at high profitability, the saved money is re-invested where it’s profitable, and everything starts to snowball towards better returns from there.

    I don’t want to drop links here unless there’s a request; I have connections to services that can make intensive negative keyword intelligence & campaign optimization a pretty simple straightforward task, and not expensive – I love ’em & use them daily.

    If anyone makes a request here, I’ll send you the relevant links.

    Thanks again David.


  • http://www.linkworxseo.com LWS

    I spent some time inside of AdWords and AdCenter trying to apply this technique. I figured out the way to get this to work inside of AdWords but it seemed to be a little different in the AdCenter. May be I was over looking something at the time since I was tired and it was getting late, but is this same technique able to be applied to AdCenter campaigns as well. What I found is that the campaign level inside of AdCenter did not allow the keyword to be negative if the keyword was the same. I selected one AdGroup and then set all keywords to broad match type. I suppose I am trying to figure out how to set the negative keyword to match type phrase if the AdGroup or keyword is set to broad match type. The AdCenter shows an error if the negative keyword is the same. I may be misunderstanding the infographic at the top and could use a little help on applying this technique.

  • http://www.calculatemarketing.com alanmitchell

    Like your match type silos idea, I’ve often thought about using negative keywords at an ad group level to better control which search queries trigger which keyword or match type.

    But if you have 1,000 ad groups, each containing a single keyword, and want to add each keyword as a negative keyword to all other ad groups, won’t this mean having 999 negative keywords x 1,000 ad groups = 999,000 negative keywords?

  • http://www.vaintl.net/ Via Madison

    This is a refreshing idea. I would definitely try exploring Google ‘s expansion tool to get my negative keywords. Whew! Way to go!!!