• http://twitter.com/pedromartheyn Pedro Martheyn

    Wonder if Google plans to roll-out bid adjustments for tablets as well? Why would they categorize it as “desktop” with enhanced campaigns if the consumer behavior is completely different.

  • http://twitter.com/Indy_SG Inderpal Garcha

    Is the user behaviour completely different though? With the majority of tablets being used at home, the context of searches is similar to desktops, whereas the context of mobile searches is likely to be different (research, local etc…)

    Also considering the amount of data Google have available to them regarding user behaviour on each device, the decision to exclude tablet and desktop differentiation must have been well thought out.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mr.larry.kim Larry Kim

    does anyone have a screenshot of what this actually looks like? (where the heck do i find it)

  • Richard Head

    I couldn’t agree more with your statements. We get zero conversions on tablet traffic as well as much higher bounce rates. Google needs to provide an option to either disable or bid adjust tablets. One of our clients is on the verge of turning Adwords off due to this.