• johng

    “Pause all but your most productive keywords.”

    If a low-volume KW is generating a profit, why would you ever pause it? Are you saying I should pause all my long-tail KWs in order to spend more money on the high-volume KWs?

    I agree that you shouldn’t test new KWs during the holiday shopping rush, but “marginal keywords” is an ambiguous term. If they are “marginal” because they are low or negative ROI, then why wait for the holiday season to pause these KWs or lower their bids? Holiday season or not, I don’t see why you would ever spend more than a KW is worth to you.

    If the KW is “marginal” because it doesn’t receive much click traffic, you can still estimate its value by grouping it with similar KWs or widening your data window. If you simply pause all your low-volume KWs, you will miss a ton of opportunity.