• FrankReed

    Honestly, Greg, I am always skeptical :-).

    What YP can’t offer is what happens after the search and it can’t add value for a business like being in the Google ‘ecosystem’ can. And honestly, Google is where people search so businesses need to focus there. Sometimes people will need to do a search in Google just to GET to YP!

    Unless the Google Maps results are just pathetic, the ‘Google habit’ is hard to break for what appears to be a nominal ‘win’ for YP.

  • Greg Sterling

    Certainly people won’t change their behavior as a result of this survey. But it’s interesting to see the “cognitive dissonance” that it creates

  • http://twitter.com/zanblue Zanblue Info
  • http://steveplunkett.com @steveplunkett

    the sample set is those users ALREADY on YP.com – so search results WITHIN the website will be biased? no?

  • Greg Sterling

    That’s not correct. This was a crowdsourced research project using the Crowdflower distributed workforce, not a survey drawn from existing YP users.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jacobpuhl Douglas Jacob Puhl

    Like Frank, always skeptical as well, especially with ‘studies’ YP touches. After seeing so many yp-sponsored OUTRAGEOUSLY fallible, ill structured and bias studies about how people are still using the yellow pages, I have a hard time taking anything like this seriously. Then, there just the general sniff test/intuition that tells me the google search results are much much much better than the yp results (or else we’d all use yp.com, right?) In large part, the market kind of dictates what they find useful by actually using that product.

  • http://www.datadrivenseo.com/ Data Driven SEO

    Seems like a study designed to convince small business owners that YP is “better” than Google. Now their relentless sales staff has another tool in their biased tool belt to sell to unassuming small business owners that don’t understand online advertising. Hey Mr. Auto Repair Technician, did you see the recent study about how YP is better than Google, Bing, and Yahoo?

  • http://twitter.com/number1george George Freitag

    This is comparing YP results to Google Maps? If it compared it to Google.com or even the Places section it might be worth more. But no one searches like that in Maps.

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  • Erin Rose

    This is an unbelievable farce: Crowdflower not even close to being an “independent third-party” because CF is THE vendor for YP for their outsourced data aggregation! So asking them to conduct this “analysis” is the same as any other company asking a vendor to rate their work for them. Calling it blind is truely shameful.

  • https://twitter.com/sanketpatel Sanket Patel

    I think is very hard to accept that search more accurate result from YP comparatively to other search engine. Users always get perfect local search result from Google, yahoo, bing.

  • http://www.facebook.com/saib.wafa Wafa Sayeb

    Certainly they wont as you said, but it interesting to know that some other engine beated Google !

  • http://www.ecape.com/ Julie Brooks

    Who cares? No one uses yp.com. They use Google. And the ones who use Bing are only using it because it’s the default on their browser. They barely know what a browser is to begin with, and they think they’re “Googling” something when they’re really using Bing. My local tavern has a hamburger that’s 500% better than McDonald’s ,but no one knows about my local tavern, they go to McDonald’s. YP is making the classic error or assuming consumers will choose quality over familiarity and habit, They won’t.

  • Lakisha Caudle

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  • polymath

    Local search is hard and all the major providers have problems. But could this type of study show who has the least problems? I don’t think so.

    Let’s say I was a contributor in the Crowdflower system, and I received the “pub in Houston, Texas” question above. How would I answer? I’ve never lived in Houston. Those look like they could be pubs, maybe I’ll say “perfect.” Or, hmm, one of them might not be, because it doesn’t have “pub” in its name. Maybe I’ll say “okay.” But regardless, I have no idea what the good pubs are in Houston. I don’t know whether the addresses or phone numbers are correct or whether they’re still open. That’s what I care about when I’m doing a local search, and as far as I can tell from the description you quoted, none of those things were tested!

    Where’s Foursquare on their comparison list? If I were to put my money on someone beating all these guys in a head-to-head comparison, it’d be them.

  • Guest

    Yp.com is a great source. Can’t take away from the power of Google, Bing and Yahoo. Our Agency works with both platform. It really boils down to the industry and as a marketing consultant I present the fact, research, traffic to my Client and recommend the best of the two or both if the budget permits.

  • Sal Torres

    Yp.com is a great source local source along with their network. Though, you can’t take away from the power of Google, Bing and Yahoo. I myself can’t agree 100% with this article. Our Agency works with both platforms. It really boils down to the industry the Business is in and as a marketing consultant I present the facts, research, traffic to my Client(s) and recommend the best platform. #localmarketing

  • http://www.facebook.com/leons.locmelis Leons Ločmelis

    YP is unusable for me. Searching Pizza near Rīga make “temporary glitch” in results :(

  • Ross Dunn

    YP is a joke. They are dinosaurs who need to realize their game is up. Over 20% of my new Canadian clients in 2012 came to me with their YP budgets because they were tired of the garbage service they got. YP is clearly trying desperately to cling to their old foothold as a monopoly. A “blind” report indeed.

  • Jason Chesnut

    The biggest mistake being made by both YP believers and Online Search Engine believers is not understanding that it all depends on the market the business is in. This includes both services provided and where they are located on a map. A smart business owner wont read this article and decide to invest all of his marketing dollars into YP programs. But he also shouldn’t invest all of his marketing dollars into Online Search Engines. A smart business owner will learn where his/her customers are, how and where they go to find him and then invest there. It is wrong being so black and white when it comes to marketing. This does the business owner a disservice and confuses the backbone of our economy, the small business. Consumers are a lazy bunch, and we will search for a business using the easiest and most convenient way possible. For millions of these consumers that is done by simply flipping open the print Yellow Pages, and for millions of others it is jumping on their tablet, laptop or smart phone to hit Google, yahoo, or Bing. Personally, I use Google to educate my self when searching for products, brands or information. But, I use YP Print and/or YP Online when I’m ready to purchase at a local location. Both YP and Online Search can be vital to the success of a business. The trick is, how much of each one will be the most effective.

  • Jason Chesnut

    They use Google Maps if they are looking for local business. Google has prioritized local search due to the thumping they took from competitive local search sources. Look up any business on Google and the first thing you see is Google Maps showing you the local businesses that matched your search request. Google Maps was created and prioritized by Google to compete with sources such as YP.com.

  • Jason Chesnut

    I feel bad for your clients. They deserve a better consultant that is not so one-sided, and that has the success of their clients business in mind rather than his own commissions.

  • Manny K

    Greg, the users are not, but the queries are from YP’s log. The ‘Top Monetized’, High-Trafficked segments – YP seems to have optimized to these handful high volume queries (who searches for ‘Security Control and Monitoring Systems’ otherwise?) They seem to be hardcoded category matches. Google/Yahoo are much better overall, because they also handle NPL and long-tail queries better.