• http://www.orientalsharpton.com/ tiennguyen

    Thank you for putting this together. We work with hundreds of retailers that are listed on Google Shopping and the article was atrocious and provided 0 relevant insight, and is leveraging a “hatred” of Google to try to stir up controversy with no basis at all to its argument.

  • Paresh

    To make it even more complicate: do search for that toaster on Mobile. And where you are searching from may add more complication.

    It is interesting that the Shopping Comparison Engines like to complain when they are not getting as much of “FREE” traffic from Google as before. But these same guys have no problem charging huge sums per click to merchants but don’t want to pay Google on PPC.

    It’s like Microsoft Scroogle, if you complain loudly and enough times it must be true.

  • Movie Munce

    Here’s how you shop online. Type http://www.amazon.com, hit enter, then type what you want. It’s worked for me for over a decade.

  • Durant Imboden

    Your article does a good job of supporting your opinion that “the entire state of shopping search feels like a big mess.” Still, what can one expect from paid advertising? No one should mistake Google Shopping, Nextag, Shopzilla, etc. for Consumer Reports.

    In my opinion, the FTC should just make all of the shopping search engines slap a clearly visible “Advertising” above their results. Problem solved.

  • http://websitecash.net/ Scott McKirahan

    Why in the world would ANYBODY assume that they are going to get the
    best deals from places that are paying for advertising? I assume the
    exact opposite! I thought the original article was one of the dumbest
    articles I ever read (o.k. maybe not the article per se but the position
    of the Consumer Watchdog Group is certainly moronic). I pray for the
    day that people (and especially lawyers) who bring frivolous lawsuits
    will get heavily fined – maybe even disbarred!

    If you want the best prices on something, I guarantee you it will be found from a place
    that IS NOT paying for advertising. The problem is, you’ll never find
    them in Google’s search results anymore. Only the Big Boys that you
    already know about make the top of the search rankings and those who can
    afford to pay to play (which means you are paying extra in the long
    run). Long Live DuckDuckGo!

  • ashutosh rajput

    i am from India……and i think Bing is better i always search shopping deal in Bing…….

  • PStrohm

    “It’s like Microsoft Scroogle, if you complain loudly and enough times it must be true.”

    If its not grassroots no one will believed it.

  • Guest

    Disqus really sucks! On some posts comments work, and on others they don’t. No error message!

  • Martyn Wright

    Following the logic of Consumer Watchdog, if a company pays to advertise on TV but a competitor offers the same product cheaper, the network should not only give them an advertising slot for free, but that slot should be more prominent than the company that has actually paid them?

  • Chris

    I have worked with all the Shopping sites and search engines mentioned here over many years. The sad truth is that they don’t actually want you to find the cheapest price (quickly). They just want you to click as many paid links as possible. It’s more profitable for them to create confusion and multiple clicking back and forth in order to find the right product and the best price. They could do a better job, in fact many of them did a better job in the past, but it doesn’t generate as many clicks or advertising revenue.

    Also the small and vague use of words like “sponsored” and “merchants” means nothing to most people. They should be forced to write the words “ADVERTISMENT” at the top of each section/page just as in printed format where adverts are mixed with editorial content. In the industry we all know what these words mean and that all these sites are paid for but your average Joe has no idea.

  • jos3ph

    Here’s the CamelCamelCamel price tracker view of the toaster in the article:


    Amazon’s price has been all over the map (as it is for most products). How often does Google shopping allow price updates?

  • SneakyMedia

    Really enjoyed reading this. I’ve experienced myself, on many occasions, what you called bait-and-switch. It’s extremely frustrating!

    Thanks for tkaing the time to put this together.

  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    From this particular test, apparently better than the others. It had the Walmart price right.

  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    Sadly, the FTC completely ignored this issue when I raised it in my letter. Hence my conclusion that the agency really doesn’t understand the search engine space it’s supposed to help regulate.

  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    Yep. Almost put that in the story — that if I want to know the lowest price, I usually just do an Amazon search myself :)

  • Paresh

    It’s a true and tried method. Ask politicians.

  • http://www.michaelmerritt.org/ Michael Merritt

    For the record, the reason for two different Amazon price points on Nextag is because the higher-priced listing is from an Amazon Marketplace merchant, not Amazon itself.

    Anyway, the first thing I always do when going to one of these places is to sort by lowest price first and then look for reviews.

  • PStrohm

    No, politicians have some followers, scroogle campaign is purely artificial.

  • PStrohm

    No, politicians have some followers, scroogle campaign is purely artificial.

  • atatata

    I use Amazon.

    it’s the best option
    Whenever you search with Google or bing or other aggregators
    you always loss.
    Or you buy product but then mechants give you a call that product is unavailable right now.
    you too expensive shipping or somethign else.
    Amazon is
    A the best price
    B best shipping
    C best support with amazon gurantee
    D best reviews and similar products to make the best choice/decision
    E best product search
    No way Google, Bing,m nexttag and other will be comparable to Amazon
    they do not get what is shopping
    Here in Cupertino we had Google shopping in our local Whole foods market, they are gone by now. They told that nobody shops with Google shopping