• http://www.worldwidemarketing.es/ Paqui Martin

    Thanks for the info Barry!
    In Spain we have seen changes today in the visible PR of some websites although around 75% of the websites are keeping the same PR.

  • http://getinnepal.com GetInNepal

    Yes, we did notice that early yesterday by seeing green pixels on our website ;)

    We wrote blog about it and were looking for some authorize blogs for confirmation and found small description only from SE Round table!


  • http://www.siliconbeachtraining.co.uk/ Silicon Beach

    We have been creating new content 3 times a week now for over two years, we link to our services in the body of the blog posts. We make sure the posts get lots of inbound links, facebook likes and tweets. We have suddenly climbed above expectations this week due to the update. Our take on the Latest Google Algorithm Update 2011 is written up here.