• http://www.seo-theory.com/ Michael Martinez

    I don’t think Steve Ballmer was trying to “make a difference”. He just wanted a larger slice of the search-driven advertising pie. He got that. He just needs to make it profitable, now.

  • Steve

    What the heck was he expecting?!?… it’s a search engine for crying out loud. Maybe he was expecting Bing to create a search engine that could read peoples’ minds???

  • ScottyMack

    If I were one of these major search engines, rather than putting on things like “The Bing Challenge,” I’d be continually asking people for suggestions on how they can improve – something I NEVER see a search engine do. You want more people using you? Ask them what they want and then give it to them! (Personally, if you filtered the results to only have one instance of any domain per search, I’d use you every single time!)