• Henley Wing

    Great insights here, Matthew (and thanks for mentioning BuzzSumo). Love this quote: “The important thing to keep in mind is what your audience needs and likes”

    That last tip on scraping Facebook IDs is a pretty sneaky tactic. Not sure why FB would refrain upon it as it would compel me to use their advertising platform more.

  • http://searchwilderness.com/ Paul Shapiro

    I’ve been taking this even further, with URL Profiler, getting a greater depth of information (and more accurate than SocialCrawlitics). For example, throwing MajesticSEO backlink data into the mix is AMAZING. Then I throw it into Tableau and get some amazing insight.

    Also, if you are not aware and you have a substantial company page on linkedin, you can target what you are sharing to different audiences without utilizing the ads platform. Might be something to look at.

  • studiumcirclus

    I really like this post. All too often people don’t get into *enough* detail! Thanks for really getting into the nitty-gritty of what you consider when authoring (and distributing) great content.

    Your points about ‘communities’ and fostering a community spirit are well taken. Additionally with communities you have the potential for great UGC!

    Your post here is actually UGC; and it it is high in quality. When UGC performs well the host also performs well. SELand has some great UGC (like this post) so it’s no wonder I keep an eye on this community of search experts :)

  • http://www.matthewbarby.com/ Matthew Barby

    Thanks, Henley. Yeah, on the note of FB ads, I’ve been having some seriously good results using this tactic!

  • http://www.matthewbarby.com/ Matthew Barby

    Yeah, I actually installed that on my machine yesterday and have been playing around with it. Think I saw you chatting about it in our Skype chat group? I’ll have to check out your tip around LinkedIn – sounds interesting.

  • http://www.matthewbarby.com/ Matthew Barby

    Thanks, James. Really appreciate the positive feedback!

  • http://searchwilderness.com/ Paul Shapiro

    Yup. I’ve been playing with it pretty extensively. I’ve found a lot of errors in SocialCrawlitcs before, so what I used to do is run a screaming frog crawl and fill in the data by another means. This works way better.

  • http://www.thinktraffic.co.uk/blog Mark Johnson

    Great post Matthew. I particularly like that you mentioned finding content gaps and how to create content that is new or different in some way. If it’s ok I would like to share another strategy that I use often.

    When I want to write a really comprehensive “guide” type post such as: 57 SEO Tips (for instance), I will start by writing my own list, listing as many points as I can think of.

    I will then Google a few phrases I want to rank for (SEO tips, SEO checklist etc…) and open up all of the top results for those posts.

    In particular I will note anything that I have missed, and I will also see what other points those posts have missed that they could have mentioned. Essentially looking for ways to improve those posts.

    Finally of course, I will put all of those ideas together and work out the best way to structure and format the post, before actually writing it.

    The aim is to create a post that is more comprehensive, complete and up to date than any of the other posts currently ranking for those phrases. Hopefully the result is a post that deserves to be on the first page.

  • http://www.matthewbarby.com/ Matthew Barby

    Yeah, that’s the route I’m taking at the moment – will see how I get on.

  • http://www.matthewbarby.com/ Matthew Barby

    Nice idea, Mark – thanks for chipping in.

  • http://www.chrissanfilippo.com/ Chris Sanfilippo

    Great article Matthew. One of my favorite channels for discovering “Content Gaps” is using website survey tools like Qualaroo or Lucky Orange. By asking a simple question “What did you come here to do” or “What should we write about”, you can often discover topics that none of your competitors have even touched.

  • http://erikhermeler.nl/ Erik

    Thanks Matthew for the tips! I will use the finding content gaps to check for good topics for new blog articles.

  • Paul Clarke

    I just love that idea of ‘content gap’. I’ve really got to use Reddit community to help me design a big survey I’ve got planned.

    Sweet idea.

  • http://www.sinelogix.com ketul

    Great article about content. As we know that content is king in SEO. Research is best practice to write a meaningful content.

  • http://www.shop.graciousstore.com/ Gracious Store

    The truth about producing “great content” is that everybody is saying the same thing over and over again, just said differently. So why would people link to content that is already on the blog post, and they might have read the same concept hundred times on many other blogs