• http://stevegarfield.com Steve Garfield

    \Zuckerberg and company raced through the discussion of the several new features launching at a breakneck pace. It was strange how accelerated the presentation felt.\


  • http://screenwerk.com Greg Sterling

    It was really weird.

  • B.K.

    I really don’t see why Facebook should be nervous. Yes, Google is big and there’s a lot of nerds hyping up anything they put out, however, we can’t forget that Google has been a miserable failure with anything to do with anything social recently. Google+ is a much stronger effort than anything Google has put out recently and it is actually nicely designed, but they’re still up against a veritable juggernaut in Facebook that has more advantages in the social game than Google will have for years. Facebook alerts are already on most peoples phones and mainstream society is already on Facebook daily. And don’t forget the commercial aspect to it either: Facebook is so inspiring towards businesses that people are even resorting to buying Fans on a bunch these sites. Nothing that Google has anytime will compel businesses to advertise their Google+ on their own TV or print ads. It will be hard for Google to find their way towards some of these heights that Facebook has reached for years, and by that time I bet Facebook will have moved onto newer and better features because they’ve hired off a ton of the best available talent: even more so than Google in my opinion. Stuff changes all of the time, and yes, the situation could change over time, but right now I really believe that Facebook seems unstoppable momentum-wise and Google really has to be much more nervous about Facebook than the opposite.

  • Ian Williams

    ^BK touches on something re: FB/G+.

    We work in the search bubble, full of techies and early adopters, and naturally we gravitate towards any new platform. But the success of any social platform is in convincing people outside that bubble to want in.

    So I would struggle to really assess if there is a ‘buzz’ around Google+ in the real world, any more than there was with Wave or Buzz.