• http://screenrant.com Vic Holtreman

    Yet Google won’t give me the search queries used by (logged in) visitors to my own site.

  • http://www.adamdince.com/ Adam Dince

    Great post Matt! Maybe now Google will provide all terms unencrypted since users will have the option to say whether or not they want their queries protected. Too bad Google couldn’t have just said, “We’re encrypting queries because we’re being sued over our data practices.” Although I guess AdWords clicks get off because ad revenue can pay for the lawsuits. Bah humbug.

  • http://www.rankya.com.au/ rankyacomau

    There you have it “to the point that we’ve even wondered if “[not provided]” would reach 100 percent some day” and by the way things are going online, who knows.
    Also, referrer data may not be visible for us, but is to Google. Also we love Aussies love our privacy, so why in the world does US government has my Google data?
    At times posts like this inform the otherwise uninformed internet public

  • DaveKeys

    I got about 10% search query data passed on in a recent review of one of my websites. The rest was not provided.

  • Manuel Calaveras

    Its a strange world we live in. Where i live if someone would run me over with a car or would kill me nothing would happen. In US you get 8 million for someone using your search data.