• Ian Williams

    Maybe we should have uniform privacy rules throughout Europe, but as a Brit this would absolutely do my head in.

    I’m quite happy for some random person somewhere in the world to see me – shock horror! – walking down a street, if it allows me all the useful features of Street View.

    How is this specific instance any more an invasion of privacy than someone looking at me in the street?

  • http://screenwerk.com Greg Sterling

    You’re of course right and the Swiss, I believe, are being somewhat unreasonable.

  • Ian Williams

    It is interesting. In the UK, our Data Protection Act 98 makes a photograph personal information which must be treated accordingly by “data controllers” (in this case, Google, even though this information was not voluntarily submitted).

    But for my money trying to tackle the constantly evolving world of the web in 2011 with outdated legislation and mindsets is pretty shortsighted and will cause more problems than benefits for the everyday person.