• Durant Imboden

    My guess is that the feature wasn’t used all that much (the “Block all…” line probably got lost in the visual clutter), so it wasn’t worth the screen real estate that it took up.

    Also, if Google hoped to learn anything from “Block all…” statistics, that hope was almost certainly crushed by sleazy attempts to game the system (e.g., by blocking competitors’ sites, big-name sites like Amazon and Wikipedia, and any other sites that the gamers were seeking to harm).

  • http://www.facebook.com/huy.gia.315213 Gia Huy
  • https://twitter.com/sanketpatel Sanket Patel

    Google add this features for control on over result in search result pages, It personalize experience with site search evaluates with different additional data. That preventing the site appearing with restoring process.

  • http://twitter.com/DreamboatJonny Dreamboat Jonny

    I for one used this feature a lot – enough to search around for why it wasn’t working anymore, much much after it stopped working ;)

    I’m a web developer and certain high-ranking sites for the things I tend to search for are notoriously spotty – lookin at you w3fools. That said, this does seem like a feature better suited to an extension and not the account itself.

    Google can surely use analytics from the extension to tune their search results if they see any value in that, we get to see search results that are tailored to us, and it’s clear what’s happening (no secret sauce on the backend to filter things out).