• http://ninebyblue.com/ Vanessa Fox

    Search data can be valuable in (at least) 3 ways:

    -historical data provides huge scale of information well beyond what you can get from the current data set. This is true for figuring out searcher intent, spam patterns, etc. It’s quite possible Bing won’t benefit from the scaled historical data because Yahoo search is on entirely different infrastructure and there may be no way to import it into their existing historical data storage mechanisms.

    -Current searcher data provides lots of things at scale — an indication of current trends and interests (a sudden spike in a topic can feed into what should trigger news results in web search, for instance), searcher intent, etc. It would absolutely benefit Microsoft to have 4-5 times the search volume for this.

    -Experimentation. Varian says Microsoft could do experiments just as easily as Google does, but a 1% experiment at Google is going to provide substantially more data than a 2% experiment at Microsoft’s current volume levels.

    You can see the difference in data value based on searcher volumes with the keyword research tools the engines provide Compare the data you get from Google’s adwords keyword tool and Microsoft’s adCenter Excel plugin. In many cases’s, Microsoft’s data is too small to be useful.

  • http://searchmarketingcommunications.com Tim Cohn

    Until the get their scale together, look for more Microsoft, Madison Avenue and Advertising Industry funded “Online Display Advertising is the way” “studies” to tout the virtues of online display advertising.

  • http://www.brickmarketing.com nickstamoulis

    One thing that comes to my mind is what if the Bing search growth (increases up from 5%) moves users from Yahoo! and not Google, which is a very good possibility…

  • http://ifdebug.com Alistair Lattimore

    I think there is merit in the comment about Google being habitual. However, I’ve been using MSN, Yahoo! and now Bing for search to keep tabs on things and I continue to go back to Google because, for me – the quality of their results are better. If Bing lifts their game on that front, with the push from Microsoft in advertising and exposure from the Yahoo! deal – it’ll be another reason for people to consider breaking their existing search habit.