• http://www.andcontext.com/ franz enzenhofer

    i have to say it: sistrix visibility index is a joke as soon as you talk about the long tail of search. yeah, so what, they may track a few millions of keywords, but that does not mean that they track the keywords you get traffic from. for all long tail properties i work for there is no correlation between the visibility index and real traffic. for long tail websites sistrix is just tracking the wrong sample. other than that i think all competitive visibility data is mostly unactionable.

  • http://www.michael-martinez.com/ Michael Martinez

    No, they’re not tracking traffic but the whole world is watching for some sign of eHow’s impending doom.

    I don’t see it. In fact, I suspect now may be a good time to buy some eHow stock.

  • http://jasonforthofer.posterous.com Jason Forthofer

    ok, so the how to pour a glass of water is a silly topic to write about. However, if someone does google that, is there a better page(s) this is more deserving than an article on ‘how to pour a glass of water’? isn’t that exactly what the user is wanting to know?

  • Joe Acerbic

    Argh, not this strawman again… it’s not some stupid, useless questions that make ehow.com a pest to be eradicated: it’s the stupid, useless ANSWERS to real questions.

  • http://www.google.com/ M.I.

    Who the fook are Sistrix? Just some PR for them. eShite still ranks on millions of long tail queries, often with multiple listings. Step 1… Step 2… then you get Livestrong on the next page. I perform long tail queires all day, and I am seeing eShite up there all the time, and not on just nonscensical queires such as ‘how to pour water’ but on things whereby informational accuracy and research quality is more important to the person performing the query. No one visits eHow for quality articles.