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    I guess from now on people will have to search the old-fashioned way, by calling up old libraries and opening books. That is if one is looking for very dated information.

    I never used Google’s News Archive search page; I always searched for older information on the Google search engine itself. Is google.com lacking some sort of capacity in offering archival information that Google News Archive’s search page covered? And don’t most newspaper websites have satisfactory archives on their own websites?

  • http://kephalos.blogspot.com Jeff Nibert

    As a news researcher I have depended upon Google Timeline extensively. I have found it to be extremely useful and easy to navigate. I have uncovered many, many historical facts with it. I am at a loss to understand why it is being shut down. I will miss it very much, and I don’t know what I will do now to replace it.

    I have already tried the process above, but it takes longer to find something and is very inefficient compared to Google Timeline.

  • L.S.

    Google is so hard to actually contact.

    Here are the reasons I think Google does these odd decisions that make real research more difficult. I prefer to have my searches show me 100 results in the advanced search. Now I have to do a three step process to remove their pandering mode that restricts everything to 10 a page.

    As if detailed research is akin to pornography that has the safe setting also as default.

    I like to have my news search have 100 hits a page sometimes. To do this one must begin in advanced search with 100 set and go to news, then advanced news to do that. If I want to have my advanced news search by date for each set of search words & phrases I have to start the search in normal advanced search then go to news and click by date, and then it works. If I start in advanced news search one needs click by date for every search done or it reverts to the default setting.

    Who knows if this new way to use the archives will allow 100 hits a page.

    All of that hard to understand writing is meant to show how Google just makes serious research more difficult. The internet is getting simpler. Sometimes simpleton simple. Facebook sometimes resembles AIM. Remember the instant messaging? People mostly don’t do much research. They look up a word, a band name. How many do real digging in old newspapers? (I actually did extant broadsheets of the Fort Monmouth army post periodical in big bound volumes, at the amazing library and in the attic at Marconi’s old house at Camp Grant) When I went to my local library years ago to look at microfilm of a newspaper that died in 1953, the microfilm was never used before!. Google must be saving money not to have the serious stuff having easy access. If I can open the news archive page and get 100 hits a page I will bookmark it. If they will allow such “subterfuge” Proquest actually did something similar but for monetary reasons. They restrict to institutions even saying no to those willing to pay. Then they broke it up and sell individually by article (Boston Globe, Hartford Courant…etc.)

    Doing this loses money to those that charge for seeing the full results, the full newspaper article or page. Sometimes I have had to pay. Newsbank Proquest.

    One can’t access microfilm from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania if they live in New York. And with budgets going into the sewer the NY State microfilm borrowing may not continue. But, they never had the Staten Island Advance. A lot of newspapers I have researched on microfilm is not online. Most of it isn’t. I so want to search Scranton-Wilkes Barre newspapers. An interesting history would be of the various microfilm companies. This is why different companies own rights to various newspapers

    It’s a shame, Google News Archives has the best interface. Newspaperarchive.com is very quirky

  • L.S.

    OK, you can remove that babbling. Are you telling me that the best I can get is a simple archives page? No Advanced search for the archives? This will prove ridiculous. Especially as Google usually cuts it off after 50 pages and you can’t even look at the rest.. No way to choose the newspaper name? I see no way to do it by date. When I click Advanced it leaves the archives and goes to regular Advanced News and when I tried older date it only gave me 2011.

    Do you understand what I am looking for? It seems unusable now. I needed to open multiple Advanced News Archive pages, I guess what you call the home page. They seem to try and dummy us down. I wonder why?

  • L.S.

    There is no way to access the news archive material by date, no way to delimit it by title. How do I do this?

  • D_Gold

    I’ve got news for Google News. I CANNOT search their archives using either link given from the UK, whereas I could search their newspaper archives before.

    In the ‘advanced news search’ webpage given I cannot enter a four digit year in the date range to get anything from the last century. If I do an ‘Anytime’ search I do not get previous years nor an Archives link as shown in your second screen grab: the oldest I get is ‘Past month’.

    In the ‘newspapers’ webpage even when I click the ‘Search Archive’ button all I get is hits for the past month. This still happens even when I first click on a newspaper like The Pittsburgh Press which I’ve got articles from 1902, 1906, 1907, 1908… in the past.

    Very not amused!!

  • wyadams

    Typical of Google. Every time there is an “IMPROVEMENT” some functionality and usefulness is removed. They have made the archive search useless. I do not want to sift through hundred of articles arranged in random date order.

    BTW, what gives with the idiotic captcha on this page? Since only registered users can pot, there is no need for the annoying captcha.

  • http://cyberspaced.blogspot.com/ C.S.

    Good news (pun intended) I can still access the scanned newspapers through this URL http://news.google.com/newspapers

  • http://twitter.com/tulioleal Túlio Leal

    Even date range doesn’t appear to me anymore. Just a stupid interface who let you choose when the news was first inputed on google news (obviously not so long time…).
    It’s sad, more and more Google is trying to look like a “fast food” search engine.