Gary Price

Gary Price is a librarian, author, and an online information analyst based in suburban Washington, DC. He is the co-founder and co-editor of INFOdocket and and prior to that was founder/editor of ResourceShelf and DocuTicker for 10 years. He has worked for Blekko,, and at Search Engine Watch where he was news editor. In 2001, Price was the co-author (with Chris Sherman) of the best-selling book The Invisible Web.


How To Save URLs To The Wayback Machine On Demand

Yesterday, Search Engine Land featured a post about the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine now providing access to more than 440 billion archived web pages back to 1996. As I’ve written about before on Search Engine Land and my infoDOCKET blog, the Wayback Machine is an absolutely essential resource for just about every web user. If […]


Google Fixes Gay Slur In St. Louis Cardinals’ Knowledge Graph Box

A gay slur from the Wikipedia page about the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team made its way into Google’s Knowledge Graph box for a short time this week. The slur has been making news with stories appearing in a number of press outlets. The Cardinals’ Wikipedia page has been home to a great deal of […]


Need A Google Alerts Replacement? Meet Talkwalker

With Google Alerts coming under fire as being broken, an impressive new service has stepped up to appeal to those seeking an alternative: Talkwalker. Luxembourg-based Talkwalker is a social media monitoring company that has now released its own keyword-based alerts resource. The free service utilizes Google’s Web, news, and blog databases and delivers alerts by email or RSS. So, are […]


Need A Google Reader Alternative? Meet Newsblur

With the shutdown of Google Reader having just been announced, the Web is full of discussion about where those of us who utilize RSS should turn next. I’m happy to report there’s a solution I already use and love: Newsblur. I have been a user of the completely Web-based Newsblur since 2011 and have been nothing but impressed. It’s easy […]


Google Demotes The Pirate Bay UK Search Ranking

TorrentFreak is reporting that Google is demoting the rank of the search result for the phrase “Pirate Bay”, the well-known BitTorrent tracker, on the UK version of Google. TorrentFreak research shows the actual Pirate Bay website is not listed in the first 100 results when searching on the UK site (independent of location) but continues […]


Tracking Airline Flight Cancellations In Real Time

A major winter storm is moving into the Northeast, New England, and parts of Canada. As you would expect, airlines are busy canceling flights by the hundreds. These cancellations will provide plenty of headaches around the entire U.S., Canada, and for travelers around the globe. Two resources that offer near real-time “scoreboards” with flight cancellation […]

Google News

Searching For TV News Online

Most news organizations provide video content on their sites, and aggregators like Google News also offer video clips for some stories. But there are also some excellent search tools that focus exclusively on broadcast television news, and they can often take you to “all the news that’s fit to watch” more quickly and efficiently than […]


Wayback Machine Now Has 240 Billion URLs

The Wayback Machine from the Internet Archive, one of the most useful and important Internet research tools, recently reached a major milestone. In a blog post, archive founder Brewster Kahle announced that The Wayback Machine now provides access an index containing more than 240 billion URLs (about five petabytes of data), with archived pages dating […]


Google Posts New Images Of Hurricane Sandy Superstorm Devastation

Both Google Maps Mania and the Google Earth Blog are reporting that Google has started to post-Sandysatellite imagery showing the destruction in New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland. Specifically, via the Google Crisis Map, you can select these areas for post-Sandy Imagery: Beach Haven to Cape May, NJ Spring Lake to Harvey Cedars, NJ Little Assawoman […]


Hurricane Sandy Superstorm Resources

Trying to keep up with Hurricane Sandy? Below are a variety of resources which may help. Storm Tracking Google Super Storm Sandy Map Google Super Storm Sandy Maps: NYC Close-up ESRI’s Hurricane Information Map Hurricane Tracker Local TV Live Stream Boston: CBS NYC: NBC Philadelphia: CBS Washington DC: Fox Washington DC: NBC Radio A […]


Election 2012: Searching And Researching The Presidential Debates

The final debate between U.S. presidential candidates Obama and Rommney airs tonight. Until the election next month, a lot of attention will continue to be on the presidential and vice presidential debates. Here’s an easy and free way to keyword search debate video and then immediately view the video online. In fact, all of the […]


Google’s Updates Ngram Viewer, Showing How Words Have Evolved Over time

Google announced earlier today that version 2.0 of the popular Google Books Ngram Viewer is now available online. What’s an Ngram Viewer? In a nutshell, Ngram Viewer lets you find and visualize how words and phrases have developed and been used over time using the 30 million print books Google has scanned working with libraries located around […]


Factual Global Products: Data About Over 500,000 US Consumer Packaged Goods

Looking for facts about consumer product goods in the US? Open source data platform Factual has just launched its Factual Global Products with information on more than 517,000 consumer products. Records for each product include product name, brand, category , size, and UPC. Direct links to images for many products are also included as well as a Factual ID […]


A Gold Medal Roundup Of Online Olympics Resources

The games of the XXX Olympiad have begun in London. For the next two weeks people around the globe will be viewing the games in person, on television and on the web. There will also likely be record numbers of posts, tweets, pins, etc. from viewers, media and athletes and other participants in the games. […]


Politwoops: A Search Engine For Deleted Tweets From Policitians

At the beginning of the year I wrote about PolitickerUSA, a free tool that allows users to quickly and easily read tweets from members of congress and other political leaders. Today, I want to point out another free service named Politwoops that launched at the end of May. Here, users can access and read tweets […]


In Depth: Search Gear For The Titanic Centennial

April 15th marks the 100th Anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, and there will be no shortage of news coverage (or hype) commemorating the event this weekend. The good news is that if you want even more information, facts, images and history, you can take a deep dive on the web to get to […]


The 1940 U.S. Census: Soon, A Searcher’s Treasure Trove

Big news for genealogists, historians and even for people just curious about their own families: the 1940 U.S. Census is now available on the web. Unfortunately, at this point at least, it takes a bit of skill and determination to navigate through the data, though there are many efforts underway to make this incredibly valuable […]


Watch, Know, Learn: A Rich Online Video Academy

The Khan Academy gets a lot of deservedly favorable attention for its breadth and depth of online video instruction. But there’s another, similar site that I think deserves applause for quality, authoritative online video instruction. It also happens to be a freebie. It’s called and it’s being developed for K-12 students and educators. While […]


March Madness: Stats, stats, stats!

March Madness (an annual U.S. tradition where virtually all sports fans go crazy over college basketball finals tournaments) is underway. Want to keep track of what’s going on? There are many places on the internet to access statistics and other useful information as the games are played and teams move toward the Final Four games […]