• http://www.marketingasmallbusiness.com.au/ Richard

    I think this is a great improvement for those sites that have worked to get there articles shown in Google News and does add an extra dimension for SEO. A quick tip for those who want to help their rankings would be to look at a site that corresponds with their market area, that is included in Google News and make intelligent comments on those stories that the site owner deems more newsworthy.

  • http://www.gravytrain.co.uk Matthew Read

    I think it’s a good point about the editor’s picks. If publishers have the ability to label content as standout what if the editor wants to ‘pick’ one that isn’t a standout? Will they be limited to what they can pick? Or will the 2 be completely independent of each other?

  • http://www.cnet.com Simon Serrano

    I’m wondering how the 7 limit works on a sub-domain level:

    Say for example, a news organization uses sub-domains to segment it’s content categories (ie. politics.site.com, technology.site.com, entertainment.site.com) does each sub-domain get 7 uses or is the limit counted at the site.com level?

  • http://www.findcarsunder.com RT

    So if I wanted to promote blog posts I could paste this relational tag into a post? It wouldn’t be in the right part of the page is why I ask.

  • http://www.antezeta.com/blog/ Sean Carlos

    It appears that support for “original-source” has been removed. There is no longer a reference to it on the English language help center page, although it is still on foreign language versions. (add the URL parameter &hl=it to see the Italian version for example)