• Durant Imboden

    The trouble with “open source” is that it often isn’t very reliable (as many people who have trusted markers on Google Maps will attest).

    For devices or applications where accuracy is critical, such as self-driving cars, liability and corporate responsibility are good reasons for keeping data-gathering in house and under the control of professionals.

  • fran farrell

    Ultimately, city governments will have to map their eminent domains to Google like precision or become ghost towns while other locales thrive because their government is 3x more efficient an has 3x lower taxes. High precision (robot quality) maps are coming and Google won’t have to build more than a few proofs of concept for public servants to see where their peoples best interest is. Almost like the Brooklyn Dodgers move to LA.

  • http://shinerevolution.com Rainer

    Google’s just on the forefront of every avenue of modern technology. Robotics (like these self-driving cars) is the most exciting by far.