• http://twitter.com/incrediblehelp Jaan Kanellis

    So basically a full snap shot of your home page in the Google results?  Not sure if this would help help CTR or hurt it. I guess it depends on the type of site and content you present.

  • http://www.cpasitesolutions.com/ Brian O’Connell

    Yet another way Google can keep you on their site longer.

  • http://twitter.com/Macmodi Modesto Siotos

    This is a very good point Jaan. However, there are other implications such as shorter user journeys, lower number of pageviews, increased bounce rate to pages linked from the sitelinks etc.

    I’ve writen a post about my experiences with the new site links – available at http://www.seomoz.org/ugc/first-thoughts-on-googles-new-tabbed-sitelinks

  • http://www.nnvent.com/ Ralph Pombo

    Yes this should help with stickiness, but I will need to think about other ways that it could hurt. Very interesting! Thank you!