• http://twitter.com/globalinbound David Temple

    Incredible, altought the deforestation and glacier shrinking are a bit disconcerting.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rossdunn Ross Dunn

    I don’t mean to diminish this accomplishment but is good to see this has finally come.

    Ever since MS Photosynth technology came out I have been waiting for someone (Google or MS likely) to take on the challenge of allowing users to grab a toggle and shift their view to different times of the same location. This is a great step forward to that. Just think of how many old photos there are out there that could be scanned and used to create amazing historical archives. Amazing stuff.

    Thanks for the article Danny.

  • http://www.spinxwebdesign.com/ Alan Smith

    It is just amazing and attractive

  • alston lindley

    timelapse is really amazing its giving changing overview of the past world to current world.


  • http://www.facebook.com/dorina.pllumbi Dorina Pllumbi

    this is amazing … how can it be possible to have better quality images?