• Jean Biri

    Some first thoughts after reading this piece of news:

    1) The type of advertisers who will opt for this are the “branding” types as it might be difficult for “direct response” types to get good results given the fact that they cannot know for sure if/when exactly their ads are going to run unless they guarantee it by placing a ridiculously high bid.

    The “branding” advertising style cannot be measured by numbers alone like in instances when a company wants to remind the public about its leadership in a given category

    2) I admire Google for trying out all these new advertising concepts. If they fail, it’s a little money wasted and some lesson learned but if they succeed it’s a flood of riches and a guaranteed leadership. If I remember well, Adwords was an experiment and we all know how it made Google, GOOGLE.

    3) Can anyone please help define what Google is as a company? Most people, especially the average Internet user, will call it a search engine but what about us industry “insiders”?

  • Ketan

    What is the reason that you have the url for astound.net typed in as http://www.astound.net/?gclid=CNTsp8eDpYsCFQvShgodBS6xeQ
    ? Just curious to know.

  • http://searchengineland.com Danny Sullivan

    Sorry about that — fixed the URL.