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    I use Webmaster tools very less often. The changes appear to be more meaningful. I hope it will be easier to tract the performance of keywords much better.

  • stephen_treacey

    I find Webmaster Tools very valuable.  I do not think the changes will make much difference, as the essential components are still there.

  • stephen_treacey

    I like the new interface.

  • stephen_treacey

    I still like & use Webmaster Tools.

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  • http://www.cutey.co.uk/ cutey

    It’s much nicer, I just wish they would update the actual data more.

  • http://twitter.com/_asheridan Andy Sheridan

    I like the changes – and the 591,214 Not Found errors in your screenshot makes me feel a whole lot better about my 32k :D

  • http://itshumour.blogspot.com/2011/07/funny-marriage-jokes.html Funny Jokey

    The new dashboard and features are more helpful than before and i m pretty impressed with the new updates on Google webmasters. Its much easier to navigate than before

  • chandrabhushan90

    HI mate ,

    I like the new change & more helpful new  change webmaster tools.

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    Now it looks clean and options are easy to reach

  • Betti Fabrizio

    Good!..i like this new interface. Now we can select with more precision every part immediately! Google is very innovator and every time changes the way to use his tools.

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    Good article. I need to use this tool more frequently! :-)

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  • sithurajkumar nagaraj

    Yeah i was waiting for long time for this left navigation.. 

  • http://www.bestseotips.com/ Gouri

    looks better and more user friendly.

  • http://twitter.com/khanhn14 khanh nguyen

    it is good, and I like it

  • http://CallMarcus.com/ CallMarcus

    For a free tool, it’s valuable and appreciated. Comparing to Bing Webmaster tools and some commercial alternatives, I hope the UI could be more innuative and interactive.