• http://www.rockcheetah.com/blog/ RobertKCole

    Happy to hear it was a bug – This was the Landing Page report for a client (not so helpful…):


  • Darci

    So glad to see this article come out. I saw this issue about 20 minutes ago and freaked out, thinking that it too was going to be wiped out in GA.

  • Michael J

    Don´t call a bug, call it a feature!

  • Daniel Benny Simanjuntak

    Love this post. Thank you very much for sharing this :)

  • http://www.govsource.com.au/ Online Freelance Jobs

    I Agree.

  • http://www.dpom.co.uk/ Brett Dixon

    Disappointed it was a bug – I was hoping for new features to make identifying keyword data easier and better!

  • Cathal Melinn

    I wonder were Google testing the water with this “bug” to see what the response would be?

  • http://in.linkedin.com/in/ashvyas Ash Vyas

    true :)

  • http://www.anotherseoninja.com/ Jessica Hartman

    GWT dropping keywords would be a very depressing time for SEO specilists. I’m unbelievably happy this was just a bug.

  • eye9 Design

    Thanks for the update. We too are missing a few days of data at this point but nothing earth shattering. Hopefully this isn’t a tactical bug for the purposes of foreshadowing / testing the future removal.

  • Durant Imboden

    Now, if only they’d fix the delays in the “Structured Data” report while they’re at it!

  • joeyoungblood

    For now it’s a bug. Mayday was also called a bug, it turned into Panda.

    Don’t waste your time wondering if Google will eventually remove all keyword data, instead realize that they will and find ways around it, including using Bing more often.

    Edit: and by all I mean ALL, including Adwords data. In a few years time it’s plausible to see only reporting at an ‘ad group’ level for “privacy” reasons.