• http://smoothspan.wordpress.com/ Bob Warfield

    LOL, I’m calling for him to publish the results too.


    If it’s clear there is less spam, it’d be great press for Google. I’ll be interested to see if he publishes.



  • http://blog.ramenos.net/ Ramenos

    I totally agree. I have read this post and i would like to compare by myself. If google is telling the truth, it would be not difficult to see it ! :)

  • http://cv.toonewmedia.com Timothy Groth

    Also, without a good sense of what was out there for the selected queries in terms of spam/not spam, it is tricky to make such a comparison.

    The Internet as a whole goes through expansions of spam-sites, followed b collapse and consolidation of them, to expand again with new tricks from new people eager for a piece of the pie.

  • http://www.findnyheder.dk/ Harith

    Talking about spam at top of Google SERPs and “navigational query”. Pls. take a look at this search on Google http://goo.gl/qpCdl . There 3 results at top of this SERP from the same site. Now take a look at top of pages of the three mentioned results where you can see the keywords stuffing spam?

  • http://www.mattcutts.com/blog/ Matt Cutts

    I saw the pain it took to revive that code and index data from 10 years ago. It was a real headache for the engineers who did it, so wouldn’t expect us to do it again any time soon.

  • http://searchengineland.com Aaron Wall

    No need for a headache then … maybe just go for a clean & easy open source code export! :D

  • http://smoothspan.wordpress.com/ Bob Warfield

    There’s no need to relaunch the index and code. Matt said in his blog post he had recorded the responses to 40,000 queries. Just publish those reponses. That should be very straightforward.

  • marcelobr

    Well. Surely their spam technology must be better than back then. But there’s a much bigger crowd gaming their results now. Question is: who’s better at getting better? Google or the gaming crowd?