• http://www.sefati.net Alireza Sefati

    God knows I want to be one of those people to bash Google because our sites drop some traffic as well but I think Google got it right with the farmers update.

    I think they have got a better grasp of bad content algorithmically, and I believe the focus has been around website authority and duplicated content.

    The 30% differences makes a unique content SEO tip is dead.

  • http://www.facesaerch.com/blog/ franz enzenhofer

    >Sites that believe they have been adversely impacted by the change should be sure to extensively evaluate their site quality. In particular, it’s important to note that low quality pages on one part of a site can impact the overall ranking of that site.

    interresting, nothing new but interresting … which googler said that? amit? matt? the PR department?

  • TeacherPaul

    Danny thanks for the postscript link. One posted in that thread talked about the multiple result listing from one site and how the second and third aren’t valid. Plus the forum results from 1997. Has anyone else noticed this in their niche?

    I sure have. I was looking for way to fix this blue-ray disc scratch on the cheap and I kept getting forum posts about VCR tapes. Also I notice that the number one ranking in my niche is the only one to get multiple listings.

  • http://www.website-articles.net/learnmore.php Allen Graves

    So is it enough to simply remove the low quality portion of your website? Or do you have to submit a reconsideration?