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    Wait just one second here who are all of you people to decide if an article is good or not? So what now we are censoring the internet. Here is an idea if you don’t like the website that you land on LEAVE! You have that option. Do any of you actually own or operate a website? Do you know what it takes to drive traffic? I am not saying that everything on the internet is great content, but that is for each individual to decide for themselves not Google or you guys. It just makes me so mad when I read all of these comments about how unfair you guys think everything is. It’s called free enterprise or capitalism, what this country was founded on.

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    Speaking for myself, I have several websites, and I know what it takes to drive traffic. I also know that a search engine such as Google was never intended to be stuffed full of duplicate information, changing only for the keyword targeted.

    Google’s intention was to enable people to find information online (on record) – long before all these spamming techniques were devised to bypass the concept of excellence and replace it with the expediency needed to trick search engine robots into offering top listings to pages with relatively little information.

    Google’s updates might not all work to achieve what people like me are seeking in Google, but at least they are making the effort and for that they must be applauded. With reference to ‘who are all of you’, we are simply Google users that want to find diversity in the information we are seeking, and not the same old stuff rehashed, and some of it barely legible.

    That’s all we are – people who are fed up ‘leaving’ web page after web page because they all say the same thing. Enterprise is fine, but not if it results in a total lack of quality and deteriorating information services just because you feel everybody should have the right to regurgitate trash!

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    Excellent work Google. Having almost finished school and just now stepping into the Internet Marketing ring, seeing some of these sites and some of the tools offered just makes me go yikes, do I really want to be a part of this. Yes, I do, and I’m going to do it my way. The do no evil way.

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    Coming back to this article / topic a few weeks later for discussion purposes and still seeing a fairly noticeable uproar in the Internet Marketing world.

    The main cause for concern that I could get behind is how accurate Google’s “algorithm” is for detecting the actual quality of something as subjective as content.

    Don’t get me wrong, this algo update is headed in the right direction as I think we can all agree that we’re sick of seeing useless content sites at the top of the SERPs. However, what is most worrisome, and something we will probably never be exposed to, is how Google actually can determine or weigh something that is so subjective like content.

    It seems pretty apparent that Google is not even as confident in their own algo to detect quality when they develop and release tools and features to block and report sites through a browser extension or interface feature on Google.com.

    As a few people in this thread have already mentioned, Google should be focusing more on the manipulation and quality of links being used by websites. This is much more objective and can / should be a higher priority for Google.

    Complaints and worries aside, it is nice to see Google really start to crack down on anything that may devalue their search engine results. These moves / updates only make our jobs as SEOs more valuable and important.

    Thanks for another great post Danny!

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    Clearly a great article that helps to make sense of the many discussions and concerns out there with this latest updated. It’s been several weeks and yet it is still a major sticking point in conversations both online and it discussions with peers and clients. I can’t think of any update that Google as done to their algo that has brought this much discussion.

    My question / concern is can anyone truly define what is considered quality content? Couldn’t it be said that it is entirely subjective? What does Google consider good content?

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    Was great meeting Matt Cutts at SXSW!

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    I was largely oblivious to the Content Farm problem. I would look up things like “Ankylosing Spondylitis” and “Plantar Fasciitis” and just figure everyone knows the same stuff, and that ain’t much. WebMD and other “serious” med sites are little better than no-name content farms. This makes me think the main problem is the overall low quality of information on the web.

    Thanks for the informative article. What a welcome change. I found it through Google.

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    I got a song for you. Just to help keep this subject on light note….
    Oh McGoogle had a farm
    With content here, content there, content everywhere, everywhere, content, content.
    Oh McGoogle had farm
    With pandas here, pandas there, pandas everywhere, everywhere, pandas, pandas
    Oh McGoolge had farm
    With copycats here, copycats there, copycats everywhere, everywhere, copycats, copycats

    Well, You get the picture. We all have to keep up with Google and all the farms to stay online.
    Take care yourselves first. Just be the best company on the web and nothing can stop you.

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    Nice work googlers!