• http://www.tipsfornaturalbeauty.com/ Dima Al Mahsiri

    This is great.
    I have seen many improvements by Google recently, and these made small but yet good bloggers get better rankig.

  • http://blackhatpwnage.com/ igl00

    it was always obvious to me ;)

  • Habeeb Mohamed

    I thought that more no of indexed pages will give impact on Google result. its great video. thanks matt.

  • http://www.mikearonesty.com/ Michael

    You should spam filter everything these days, including videos like this. Read through the lines.

  • http://www.formertourist.com/ Gaurav Srivastava

    Exactly I was searching last week . Now what I wanted, I get from Google for my new blog. This is dream comes trues for bloggers over big brands.

    Thx Matt.

  • http://www.coingenesis.com/ ankit mishra

    That’s Really Great,many SEO’s thinks, make more pages that will effect on rank but because that video people can get realty .. recently changes of Google is also the showing the quality……Thanks

  • VenkatesaMadhan

    Expert SEO’s knows that quality content, and fresh updates in a page matters more than having loads of pages.

  • Raviraj Tak

    Having a appropriate page with quality content and use of keywords which matches the search queries are the thing we have to go for and not by just keep on creating unwanted pages.
    Thanks Matt for the Video…

  • Guest

    That is really true because we spend a lot of time for creating new pages and promoting it. Thanks for sharing informative article.

  • KiwiGav

    Thanks Matt. As ever; good quality pages with real content over masses of useless pages is going to get people linking to pages.

  • http://topspot-official.blogspot.com/ Daniel Benny Simanjuntak

    One thing to keep in mind is the number of links on the page directly affects the amount of page rank following to each page.

  • Edumate

    Great Post. Its help me for improvements in my website.. http://www.edumate.edu.in/

  • guzie

    So… let me get this right. If I have a gazillion pages and or posts does not mean better rankings than someone who has one thousands (or less) pages or posts?

  • http://www.michaeledits.com/ Michael LaRocca

    Thanks, Matt. I added 15 new pages last month.

  • http://faktor.biz/ Krzysztof Furtak

    That’s nothing new… Did Matt get some gray hair? What a stressful job at Google…

  • Vishal Verma

    Hi there,
    Can anyone help me out regarding SEO Activities? In these days we know that our keyword ranking is hit down by Google’s panda, penguin and now hummingbird updates. Is the anchor tag on keywords in Articles or Blogs, bookmarking and directory submission work now useless? Please tell me what should i do?