• http://www.planetc1.com/ Michael Dorausch

    What I love best is that Rob is in the trenches and this stuff isn’t just theory. I’m finding the same thing in my industry by allowing others to create unique content. Reading this motivates me to turn it up and get back to emailing for more.

  • http://blog.cpcstrategy.com/ Rick

    You are a mad man Rob! I just forwarded this blog post to a few of our clients. It’s amazing to me how many retailers ignore product reviews.

    By letting your customers create unique content that is hosted on your site you are essentially building your own real estate. That’s the approach Amazon took to grow into the giant they are today. They built a ton of real estate and now rent it out via the 3rd party marketplace.

    It seems like such a simple concept but most retailers still do not seem to grasp it.


  • Rob Snell


    Brother Steve says the only reason I write SEL columns or speak at shows is so I have deadlines to finish my GDS projects instead of doing endless R&D on new ideas! ;)

  • Scott

    Very insightful but I’d also love to hear your suggestions on affordable software and development solutions for implementing product reviews as well. Power Reviews for example seems a bit pricey for a small business.

  • Joseph S. Thomas

    In your opinion, do you think reviews aggregated from APIs have a similar effect for large-scale websites where obtaining tons of unique reviews are out of the question? And how many unique words do you think a product page needs for Google to notice it? Do you think ~150 words of unique content would make a difference in traffic or organic SEO performance?

  • http://www.everlifememorials.com J_Mac

    Great tip Rob! You know as a standard business practice we send a survey to all our customers upon shipment of the order. At the bottom of the survey form i ask them to provide us with an optional testimonial and give us their permission to publish it. Other than post a few testimonials on our “testimonials” page i never even conceived of using them as content. My bad.

    This is an absolutely brilliant idea and as i look over the surveys I’ve accumulated over the past 10 years, i now have thousands of of testimonials to leverage as content. Thanks for the fantastic idea.