• Hammad

    What if my content is genuine and ranks high but lots of people have copied it. Will i be affected by any update/Panda?

  • Dharitri

    No, your site will not affected by any update/Panda.

  • Hammad

    Yes thats what i think too but i assume all the other sites may face some sort of penalty.right? but on the other hand we may get some link backs from these sites too. What is the importance of those links? Will they add some value?

  • SuperTJ

    This article is scary weird about this issue. I hope Dharitri is correct.

  • Hammad

    She is correct:) If a site is ranking higher there should not be an issue else i can start taking sites down by creating clones:) but it is worth doing an experiment to evaluate the power in those back links!

  • Vinay Kumar

    What to do in case no contact information is found at the site and who is is protected. Mostly those kind of people steal the content

  • Hammad

    Still it wont make much difference if you are the first one in Google Index and your piece is unique!
    Although if you are not on top in results then surely its a problem. In this case DMCA is the option.

  • The Cash King

    I just did a CopyScape search for a page on my site and found that 7 other sites were using as much as 14% of my content! This is ridiculous. How and why would they be allowed indexing?

  • Hammad

    This is not a very high percentage so nothing to worry much. Google does not throw these sites out of index until reported and found guilty.

  • james

    I tried contacting a website (ecommerce site that in direct compittion to mine selling similar things to take down my content they stole…….. i got a rude response saying why should we……. i then because these people are from china tried contacting the Chinese web host and got ignored…… i then got google to remove dmca the web pages….. but there are so many they have ripped.plus the cheeky swines also publish the same articles on web 2.0 blogs as well all automatically…. linking back to there rubbish website… Links to my website get removed automatically…. but because they use scrapers stuff like here at.. add my website name here*** are still present…. and stuff like that. There seo is basically stealing others duplicate content google doesn’t rank there website at all..lol but recently my website been taking a slight hit for some reason…… Ay advise please?


    (oh yeah and just about everyone else who write articles that mention product name is stolen to not just mine.)

  • Lucille Ossai

    Thanks for sharing!

    An unscrupulous individual copied 18 of my content, word for word, including images etc. and posted under his name on his blog, with no attribution/credit whatsoever to my blog and without my content.

    Fortunately I had learnt about the Google DMCA a week prior to the discovery and as my blog had the Copyscape widget, I was able to identify the culprit.

    I proceeded to contact Google and to file for the DMCA. Of course I had to prove that I wrote all the articles, which I was able to do by copying the original URLs specific to each article and forwarding to Google along with other information. Google was fantastic and in about two months, all my articles were removed from the offending site, which was “frozen” soon afterwards. The offending blog still appears on the Google search engine but with no content whatsoever, neither mine nor his so it might as well be non-existent.

    I was lucky. If I hadn’t used the free Copyscape widget to check for duplicate copies or if I hadn’t done manual Google searches under my name and blog, I may never had been aware of this injustice!

  • kimberly537

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  • Hammad

    If you can give me reference of your site and copied content i may help you. you can also write to me on hammadrs@gmail.com if you don’t want to share it in public.

  • janetdriscollmiller

    Actually your ranking doesn’t matter. You can still be affected by Panda, as in this case. It’s all a matter of who Google perceives as most “authoritative” and the original author. Regardless, to be safe, I would monitor the content to be sure.

  • Hammad

    Ranking does matter! How would you know that you are/can be penalized? If your content stays on top of the results then it is an evidence that Google treats you as an original author!

  • http://www.cendrinemarrouat.com/ Cendrine Marrouat

    Great article, Janet, thank you!

    Content scraping is such a widespread practice now. Thankfully, we have a lot of tools to protect ourselves.

    I wish people realized how frustrating it is to have to contact the infringers through email and social networks and then file a DCMA!

  • creature77

    Here’s a twist on copyright infringement that I’m not sure how to handle.
    Someone copied my entire web page verbatim and then converted the page to a PDF file and promoted it as a “free download”.
    Now, I can find (through Google search) at least 20 sites offering that pirated PDF as a free download – with the original thief’s title.
    Since the download access page only contains the link but not the entire text, can I get the link pages removed through a DMCA request?