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    Very informative post.

    One problem with Twitter as a help / search tool is that after about 40 searches Twitter caps further searches with the “Sorry, but you’ve reached your limit on searches for now.”

  • http://blog.agrawals.org rakeshlobster


    I think a number of people who are really excited about this are confusing the value of their audience with what Twitter provides, which is an easy way to reach their audience.

    Kedrosky, Battelle, Zawodny, etc. have been doing “lazy web” searches (correct me if I’m wrong, I think that’s Kedrosky’s term) using their blogs for years. They’ll post a question and with their thousands of readers, they get answers on the comments to the post. Twitter is just an easier way to do that.

    Their results are in no way typical. Google will give you an answer no matter who you are. And with the exception of a little bit of personalization the results will be largely the same.

    I wrote more on this here, as well as the specific challenges of indexing twitter:

  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    I think plenty of people who took the survey probably aren’t prominent bloggers looking for the latest way to do lazy questions. In fact, as noted, being lazy wasn’t even a top reason for Twittering questions.