• Syed Usama

    Hi Trond…
    If i d’nt Build Links Then what to do?? For Getting High Rank ON SERP’s. Even i have a website and it is good in every way.

  • http://marketingymedia.wordpress.com Ivan Pablo Rubio

    Congratulations Trond for this good content!

  • AA

    I think the muscle building comparison is quite an interesting one.

    In body building, the usage of steroids (whilst not often talked about) is fairly common & at times can be a requirement for bettering your competitors. In the same way, “link building” in certain fields (that isn’t ‘natty’) is common practice (yet often not talked about by big brands) & is required to one up other companies to achieve that #1 spot.

    The issue with ‘link building’ is ensuring that the quality content which will attract a natural link profile is put in front of the relevant, influential people in the first place; the same way in that people may initially dabble in tren in order to put on mass. The problem is that everyone wants to better themselves (and thus outclass competitors), causing the ‘addiction’ to kick in (continue to grow bigger, continue to rank higher).

    The solution? Half natty SEO – It’s the way forward

  • https://www.eledentalwebsites.com/ Cody Cummins-Prentice

    I will agree with the muscle building comparison, great one for link building.

    But I can’t hold back on the negative comments surrounding these link building articles any longer…..(nothing against you Trond so please don’t take it personally).

    Essentially the reason people click on these “What you should do to build Links” posts, is because they want to gain “valuable” insights on what they should be doing with their link building practices (and hoping that this article is an informative piece of content on that subject). They are looking for the expert in the field to give them some free advice. But nothing is free….(not even organic results :).. But what these articles typically turn out becoming, is an attempt by the author to tell the reader what we already know we shouldn’t be doing, what we already know is grey area, and nothing of real “value” about what we actually should be doing. So for all intents and purposes Trond, didn’t you really just provide a guest blog post for a link back to your companies website?

    Again, I really don’t mean to be attacking Trond here, he actually gave some pretty good analogies (a different spin) on what a hundred authors have already written about here at SEL. I’m just posing the question. Would be curious how this improves traffic and rank over at MediaCom Norway?

  • http://www.deepanshugahlaut.com/ Deepanshu Gahlaut

    If you have read the blog then what your link is doing here? I know it’s no-follow. I think you are not agreed with the post. Bad SEO Practice!

  • Sushma Gupta

    I am agreed with your post. And, it is also very important post for me. Got many of the knowledge from this blog.

  • http://power-tower.com.au/ Emmanuel R.

    Great post man!

    I believe that brand trust and authority will be the next SEO in the future…